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Armfight #41 - World Armfight Cup >>>

Armfight #41 - World Armfight Cup # Armwrestling #

The World Armfight Cup is a new and innovative system that will require the winner to have technique, power, strategy and most of all resistance. ()

After seeing all the competitors and the brackets, I see Arsen Liliev fighting Krasimir Kostadinov in the finals.


Arsen Liliev RUS – Terence Opperman RSA

Arsen has beaten Terence in the past and will probably beat him again in the first vendetta of the tournament.

Liliev is the heaviest and fastest of the bunch and my favourite to win the whole tournament.


John Brzenk USA – Dmitriy Trubin KAZ

This will probably be the most balanced match of the first four. John is not in the best shape of his life and Dmitriy is a fighter, he won’t quit without a war.

Trubin might actually become the surprise of this tournament.


Todd Hutchings USA – Igor Miroshnyk UKR

Igor is the lightest and youngest of the group and I don’t think he has the power and the experience to beat Toddzilla. Hutchings has very good stamina and can even pull with a dead wrist. He will probably control the whole match.


Krasimir Kostadinov BUL – Vasili Dautashvili GEO

We have seen this match many times and according to the latest results, I don’t see Vaso beating Krasimir.

Kostadinov knows his opponent and is the favourite to win this vendetta.

In my opinion, the semifinals will be Arsen Liliev – John Brzenk and Todd Hutchings – Krasimir Kostadinov. Both would be very interesting matches, the second one being very balanced.

As I already said, I see Arsen and Krasi fighting for the grand prize and the title of best in the World!



Tiberiu “Chesterik” Mihalcea


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