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Accommodation for referee by Anna Mazurenko ()

At the European Championships and the world we always has a problem with accommodation referees.

Organizer prepares rooms according to the contract, then very late gets a list of referees and the dates of their arrivals , than it is hard to put them into a double rooms because one wants to be in the room with his wife, etc.

Last year at the European Championships in Poland I suggested Harri Naskali a new system witch works great and was very convenient for both sides.

All referees live with their teams, anywhere they want and pay for their accommodation.

On Friday, when Leonard decides which referee "deserved" for accommodation, he gives me a list of referees, and the number of nights which they entitled to a refund.

I walk up to each referee and return them the money in cash for half the room they lived according to the rates of their hotel.

In that system there is no problem if someone wants to be accommodated with his wife or a friend.

And Leonard do not need to make decision before championships.

Leonard accept my proposal, so this year we work that way.

You can book your room in one of the official hotels and share it with person you want.

At the championships I returned your cost.

Please notice that if you take a single room I will refund you only half of the price which your hotel charge for double rooms.


With regards

Anna Mazurenko


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