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Is giving up the hand instead of fighting fair play? >>>

Is giving up the hand instead of fighting fair play? # Armwrestling #

The negative audience reaction to Cyplenkov vs. Pushkar made us run a little survey for the guests and contestants of the Nemiroff World Cup 2013 ()

Artur Głowiński: In this tournament the USA meets Europe. Cyplenkov and Pushkar meet each other all year and know each other well. They know whos the strongest and see no point in fighting. The guys from USA came and they wanted to test the Americans and show whos better, so thats why they did what they did.

If this happened in football, it would be unacceptable, so why here?

Artur Głowiński: But here it wasnt about money, it was an intercontinental fight. I get it. Of course you dont give up the fight, hence the jeers and boos. But I understandit was done to fight USA, to not lose on your own turf.

Sergey Popov: They wanted to stay fresh, thats why they gave up, to stay fresh for later. If they fought all out from the start, there would be nothing left of them later.

Is this fair in your opinion?

Popov: Yes it is. Thats sport. Sport is the art of measuring strength, strategy. Everyone does it. This time the American stepped in and Cyplenkov now doesnt know how to handle it. Hes got a lot to think about. Because heres a man who can squeeze Cyplenkov really bad, that never happened before.

Is it fair, what Andrey and Denis did?

Tim Bresnan: Of course not. Armwrestling is not a team sport. You dont have mates to give up a fight to. Daves fights were all hard, but no one gave up the hand to him.

Christian Binnie: Im with Tim on this. We came here to fight, its armwrestling all the way. If I were to fight Tim or any other of my friends, I would, all the way.

Piotr SzymanowskiPeszy: Im a little surprised with that question, its not easy to answer. Even Igor Mazurenko gave up the hand to Sławek Głowacki on one Cup. Well, maybe not gave up, but he didnt struggle. So its obviously a procedure at times, although the audience may not like it. Its ok as long as no money is involved. Because that would be the worst, if goys from one country set up to divide the cash on the side. But if its just a matter of giving up because you dont have a chance anywaywell, thats just one side of the game. The audience has a right to be adamant, the USARussian war is the salt of this tournament.

So there is a war?

Of course, thats the allure of the tournament. Now everyone is expecting for someone to overthrow Cyplenkov.


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