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Dawid Bartosiewicz: “I use a regular protein diet” >>>

Dawid Bartosiewicz: “I use a regular protein diet” # Armwrestling #

One of the top Polish armwrestlers tells us about his ways to regenerate, his exercises and injuries. Read on! ()

Your favorite technique?

Hook, although its more of a hook with back engaged. Of course, I can fight over the top too, I use whatever I can against the particular opponent.

Your three favorite exercises?

Pronation with judo beltboost up my outside rotation.

Bartargets my bicep angles and back, and also wrists and fingers. Its the best exercise when you dont have weights and machines around.

Fat grip pulldowns, which imitate fighting with hook.

Your methods of regeneration?

A weeksrest after a competition, then a slow, build-up approach to weights. I also rest a week before a competitionsome guys rest for up to two weeks even. Aside from that, I dont train all-out during the whole preparation period. Usually, a month before a tournament, I go to about 70% of my power, and two weeks before I lay aside any fastenings exercises, just do some light expander work instead.

How do you deal with injuries?

If its a big injury, I just go to a doctor, diagnose the problem and try to heal it.

Your most serious injury?

A fractured bone in my elbow. I had to get a screw implant and wear a cast.

My rehabilitation was based on exercises, treatments like magnetic field, cryotherapy. I also used some flexing exercises.

As for the smaller stuffeveryone gets them, I just deal with them.

Do you use any supplements?

I used to use some joint and tendon regeneration preparations based on glucosamine. Aside from that I use a high-protein diet, which helps me regenerate. For supplements I regularly use : protein, BCAA, glutamine and carbs.



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