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Decision of WAF executive committee # Armwrestling #

My position remains adamant – we have to stick to our democratic rules! ()

Recently the site has published this document:


In relation to violations of the WAF constitutional rules, the decision of Congress and executive committee of the IAFD in rtelation to Russian Federation and its president, Alexander Filimonov are as follows:

1.Assign “bad position” status according to WAF rules to RAA. They are banned from participation in the next World Championships if they do not square their accounts with WAF.

2.Accept status “not a member country” or “WAF partner” in the IAFD until next WAF congress, where more arrangements will be made.

3.Suspension and forbiddance of any actions with regard to WAF and EAF, until finish of next WAF World Championships in Malaysia, of the chairman of those two organizations – Alexander Filimonov.

We have no confirmation if this document is official, because there is no indication on the official WAF website. Facebook is the most current source of this document, but we have asked the RAA president Alexander Filimonov for comments on this “document”.

My approach to this document is ironic. The actions of Assen and Mircea make mie laugh. I think they are playing some sort of childish game.

Instead of solving real issues they fight the “bad guy” (that would be me), keep coming up with sanctions to use against me and publishing them on social netwoerks for everyone to laugh at.

I don't take their accusations seriously, they are against WAF constitution, which means they are against the law and have no power. It would be nice to know who in WAF board signed this “document”, just to know who we will be voting for on the next WAF Congress, who supports this violation of the democratic rules of our organization.

I have spoken on this before:


I have nothing to add.

Let me just point out a couple of facts.


We have mentioned all this before.

Mister Hadjitodorov keeps thinking that everything is fine, that's the main problem.


The congress in Sofia will decide if Assen is still worthy of representing our organization and whether he shouldn't just stand down until the next elections.

My position remains adamant – we have to stick to our democratic rules!

Dictatorship has no place in WAF!


Aleksander Filimonov

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