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After Zloty Tur, part 2 >>>

After Zloty Tur, part 2 # Armwrestling #

We continue to review matches of Zloty Tur-2016. What awaited us in the weight categories of 78 kg, 86 kg and 95 kg? ()

Category up to 78 kg was the largest. On the left hand 21 participants pulled there, and on the right – 24. Their level was just extraordinary. This year last year's champion of the category on the left hand Oleg Zhokh pulled at heavyweight, so champion's place was vacant. So fights were really serious. The competition was so high that a well-known Lithuanian armwrestler Mantas Asmonas did not even make the top 10. A multiple winner of the Zloty Tur Kazimir Iskandarov participated, he showed a good fight, but eventually finished in fifth place. In the final of the category we saw Zaur Saitov from Russia, who reached to the final unbeaten, and Magzhan Shamiev from Kazakhstan. Both reached the final through hard struggle, but in the end the Kazakh athlete had more strength. In two long matches Magzhan managed to overcome Zaur and become the new champion of the category.

On the right hand of the competition was also tought, we saw the world champion in the 75 kg category Shynbolat Rayhanov. Zloty Tur-2015 champion Mantas Asmonas was unable to defend his title and finished sixth. Magzhan Shamiev showed good fight and had a chance of prize-winning three, but his mistakes was expensive, and he finished fifth. Best of all was Davit Samushia from Georgia. Davit took a revenge with Shynbolat Raikhanov for the defeat at the Worlds and the final of the category he did not leave a chance to Sarunas Manarka from Lithuania.

In the category up to 86 kg Oleg Zhokh pulled. Expectedly, Oleg won the category on the left hand. He did it quite easily, but in the fight with the silver medal owner Salavat Kadyrov Oleg seemed a bit nervous. On the right hand of the champion place became vacant due to the fact that this year Khadzhimurat Zoloyev was absent. The new champion was the representative of the famous club "Shardara Armsport" Nurdaulet Sadivakassov from Kazakhstan.

The smallest was the category up to 95 kg. Perhaps this is because some athletes have moved into a new category of up to 105 kg. But despite this, the list was more than impressive: Rustam Babayev, Ermes Gasparini, world champion Georgiy Dzeranov and others. On the left hand it is worth noting Vadim Stetsuk from Ukraine. He defeated his rivals one after another and quite simply coped with the current world champion Georgiy Dzeranov. But Vadim became again second, losing in the final of the legendary Rustam Babayev, who has drawn up a successful comeback to the professional arena. On the right hand we have another hero, Italian Ermes Gasparini. In the final Ermes went unbeaten, and there he met Rustam Babayev. There was a lot of controversy and protests. But all adopted decisions will remain on the conscience of the referees, headed by David Shead. In the end the winner of the category was.

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