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Nemiroff World Cup on Eurosport


Nemiroff World Cup is entering a new era. We can now watch the live broadcast on Eurosport 2

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The organizers of the Zloty TurNemiroff World Cup have been waiting 13 years for this moment. The World Cup will be broadcast live on Eurosport 2.

This will allow us to get to a much larger audiencesays Igor Mazurenko, organizer. The tournament is broadcast in 54 countries, in 17 languages. It will also be broadcast online. For exampleonly in Russia Eurosport has over 2 million subscribers.

First transmission of an armwrestling event on Eurosport was in 2005, but it wasnt live. The semifinals and finals will be broadcast on 9th and 10th November, 20:30 Warsaw time. The organizers are counting on thus promoting armwrestling all over the world. We would also like to remind you that a New York Times photographer will be shooting female bouts for a photo story during the Cup.





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