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Azerbaijan Armwrestling Federation (AAF) questions the EAF decision >>>

Azerbaijan Armwrestling Federation (AAF) questions the EAF decision # Armwrestling #

Atayev fought in tournaments representing a different country each year, he attacked a colleague at the wrestling table, but in AAF’s opinion it’s the Russian Armwrestling Association (RAA) that has no respect for sporting rules of conduct. ()

Let us recap.

A few days ago we have published an article concerning the Atayev – Akperov fight, although it’s hard to call a fight a situation where one person savagely attacks another, leaving them to defend themselves:

For this behavior Atayev was punished financially, and suspended for two years. Despite that, this “sportsman” still fights on, and the AAF is defending him, saying that the RAA is responsible for the man’s actions and has no respect for the rules.

Atayev hasn’t paid his penalty for nearly two years and he’s still suspended – yet he still demands to be allowed to fight in Baku, with the full support of the AAF.

Below is the official position of the AAF: has published an article “Lack of respect for the rules, arrogance or federation overlooking? What is Atayev’s case all about?” the AAF has made its position clear. Unfortunately, neither EAF nor have seen it fit to publish the AAF article. Instead, they have published I. Malkowska’s interview with I. Mazurenko, which showed the case from a biased perspective.

Again, we are only trying to present our opinion to the audience. I. Malkowska has titled her article correctly. Of course there was a “lack of respect for the rules”, but on whose side? In 2012, allowing K. Ataev to start in A1 when he was in the Russian team, the RAA broke the rules first, and showed lack of respect for international rules. In 2011 Ataev started in the XXXIII World Championships as a representative of Azerbaijan, so Russia had no right to allow him to start in their team until at least the end of 2013. Is this respect for the rules?

It’s clear that the RAA president had no right to allow Ataev to fight in the national team, and they also had no right to punish anyone. A-1 is a commercial contest and we clearly understand the RAA’s drive towards money. But it’s unacceptable to use foreigners for personal gain, to name Ataev Master of Sports in Russia, and use that fact in later actions. In his interview for armpower.

net said that Ataev has two passports – Azerbaijan and Russian, which allows him to navigate between rules and regulations. If Ataev really has a Russian passport, we’d like to see it. Vadim Akperov is a man with two real passports, maybe even three if we take a closer look (Armenian?). As for federation overlooking, it concerns the RAA. The Russian team showed themselves up to be completely disorganized.

Many teams from different regions of Russia come here to take part in the tournament, but the federation has no interest in that. In Ataev’s case, however, they are very coherent. I. Mazurenko has stated that the AAF is hiding behind the RAA’s back – this is completely nonsense. We understand Mazurenko’s need to pander to the needs of the Russian side. It’s fear of losing an important business partner. From a sporting point of view, such intrigues are not very good for European armwrestling. The AAF will address the matters of the infractions committed during the 2012 A1, and Ataev’s part in them. We will also question the EAF decision to ban Ataev from entering the XXIV European Championships.

RAA has stated its position – Ivan Dobrorezov, the press representative, has made the following comment:

The ungrounded suppositions that RAA is trying to make money off of a fighter – Atayev – they’re preposterous! Everyone saw what happened and that he’s not been punished without a reason. It’s very strange that AFA is trying to cover up his suspension. As for what the RAA president should and shouldn’t do, like letting Ataev fight in the Russian team – that’s his business. If a Russian citizen wins the finals in his region and country, why shouldn’t he be on the team? Why was AFA quiet about that for 2 years, if this situation bothers them so much?.

Unfortunately, for professional reasons, I can’t be a part of the Baku European Championships. But I’m constantly in contact with the RAA president, Alexander Filimonov.

Alexander’s made the following comment:

The EAF position has not changed! Atayev won’t be allowed to fight. Azerbaijan’s made no move besides an official document, everything is very friendly. It’s turned out that Iskanderov doesn’t have an Azerbaijan passport either, only a Russian passport, so he won’t be able to fight either.

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