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Vendetta in Vegas is coming! >>>

Vendetta in Vegas is coming! # Armwrestling #

After a long break, WAC and Pal are GO again! The famous Vendetta in Vegas is back. ()

After a long break, WAC and Pal are GO again! The famous Vendetta in Vegas is back. Armfight #43 is coming in July.

We will see fights starring Andrey Pushkar, Evgenyi Prudnyk or Tim Bresnan.

Pushkar will fight Cadorette in right arm, in superheavyweight category – 95 + kg!

A fight to the death has been announced between Tim Bresnan and Prudnyk. It's to ba a vendetta for the 2013 fight at Nemiroff World Cup, where Tim lost to Evgenyi by fouls.

The gentlemen will fight in the unlimited category. This is a very rare case in sports, two fighters who have very different weight but very equal skills. Prudnyk weighs about 90 kg and seldom fights heavier opponents. That's why PAL decided to introduce the new category, just for fights like this.

The third fight will be between Harold Owen and Janek Żółciński. Those two have met during this year's Arnold Classic.

Żółciński lost one bout and won one, and then decided that the score cana be settled only by means of a 6-round armfight.

- We seldom witness Polish accents at the armfights – says Igor Mazurenko, organizer of Vendetta in Vegas. - Janek is the most talented Polish armwrestler these days, I think he's the most suitable to fight against USA.

The fourth fight is between multiple world champion and a USA representative - Vazgen Soghoyan, and Chris Gobby from Canada. They will fight in welterweight, up to 70 kg.

Where will the fights take place?

Pal has long considered the venue – says Mazurenko. - Vegas itself is a great choice, but then there are venues inside - Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, Caesars Palace, Bellagio or Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Vinyl Club in Hard Rock Hotel & Casino has won the event.

The Armfight #43 will take place Sunday 12th July, 15 – 18.

WAC and PAL have prepared many interesting surprises for the audience, contests, VIP areas and a great show.

Live broadcast is planned.

More details to come soon.


Iza Małkowska


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