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Vrezh Sedrakyan: "I study in details all potential rivals" >>>

Vrezh Sedrakyan: "I study in details all potential rivals" # Armwrestling #

Vrezh Sedrakyan is one of the strongest armwrestlers in the category up to 75 kg and at the upcoming World Championship he is going to prove it once again and defend the title of the champion. ()

Vrezh, how is your preparation for the Worlds?

- Greetings to you and all armwrestling fans all around the world. Preparations for the upcoming World Championship-2017 take place as usual: hard training and tactical processing - this is the main part of my training. An important role is played by mental preparation both before each championship and before each fight. In general, everything is fine, and preparation is going according to plan. I managed to get good shape and the injuries went around me.

At the European Championships in 2017 you showed not the best result, what was it connected with?

- After the performance at the World Championship-2016 I was injured, it prevented me from showing a good result at the European Championships.

You are in the status of champion on your left hand, are you ready to defend your title? Can you single out the main rivals?

- I am ready to win and I am confident in my abilities. Armrestling is one of the most beautiful and unpredictable sports, so I never underestimate my rivals. Once a weak opponent can present such a "surprise" that it does not seem a little, so I will not single out anyone specific.

What do you think about the junior from Georgia - Betkili Oniani, European Champion among adults? If you get together at the table, do you have a plan to defeat him?

- I will tell you a secret, I study in details all potential rivals and I always have a plan for pulling with each of them. I know everything about the Georgian strong traditions in arm-wrestling for a long time and it is already clear that Betkili Oniani has a bright future in this sport and he is a worthy opponent.

Do you have to lose weight for the category? Do not plan to change the weight category?

- Now I weigh 77.5 kg. Yes, I have to lose weight, but over the years it has become a common occurrence for professional arm wrestler and I deal with it well. For more than 10 years I have been pulling in this weight category, next year I plan to perform in the category of up to 80 kg, we'll see how everything turns out.

Vrezh Sedrakyan has a huge power and attracts fans with his spectacular style of fighting. This time his category will become even more difficult, because new members of the category, such as Khetag Dzitiev and Betkili Oniani, who like the rest will claim to win, will be added to the favorite.

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