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Michael Todd: “I didn't expect Ermes to be so strong”


Probably, nobody expected that Ermes Gasparini was so strong at the tournament with Michael Todd. Was Michael ready for the fight?

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Michael, to be honest – you didn’t expect that Ermes was so strong?

– No, I didn't expect him to be as strong as he was. I expected the same Ermes from Zloty Tur and he gained approximately 10kg and was VERY STRONG!

You let him win two fights. How did it happen?

– The first fight was my mistake, I didn't tighten my hand on the go & that allowed him to walk my hand @ loosen the strap.

The 2nd fight, the only mistake I made was not keeping the match in the center or my side of the table & he was able to put enough pressure to get my arm to the bone lock & I had to let up due to pain.

Did Ermes find your weak point?

– They told me that they built a tool "The Todd Pipe" specifically to transition from a top roll to a press! cheeky

Did you find his ones?

– I didn't really find a weakness, I just knew that if I keep the match in the center or my side of the table, he would either foul out or I would eventually pin him (kind of how Crazy George beats a lot of his opponents, they either foul out or he eventually pins them).

What is the most effective way to fight with Gasparini?

– U believe you need to have strong cupping strength & a good hook!

What are your general impressions about the tournament?

– I always enjoy the SuperMatch in Italy, but this was definitely my most difficult victory of the 4 times I've competed there.

What are your plans?

– I plan to enjoy the rest of my vacation & then get home & back to training! I haven't fully recovered from my pec injury, but should be ready for my Vendetta with Pushkar this summer!



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