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What did we do after the publication of this material, in September 2011? Nothing! We waited ... ()


If you're not patient enought to read the whole story, don't worry- it has ended well.

I hope it will give you food for thought. Being a man of success, a champion does not mean that you cannot fall victim to bureaucracy or political affairs. It can happen to anyone, even to a great, popular and respected athlete. Something happens, someone "disappears" and we are left with the feeling that we cannot do anyhing and everything in this world happens without our participation.One month passes, two months, six months and so on...

What did we do after the publication of this material, in September 2011? Nothing! We waited ...

Doesn't it remind you of a case which also occurred in the fall and spread like wildfire around the armwrestling world?

In September 2011, we were all in preparation for the Professionals World Cup Nemiroff World Cup. We all, including, were looking forward to the upcoming matches, we wrote about the event, speculated as to the form of competitors and the possible results. On 27 September shocking information broke. Nobody knew how to react. After all, is a sports website, we don't deal with investigative journalism, nor with political investigations. Having only scraps of information, it was very difficult to provide truthful information, and at the same time - not to prejudge the facts. Because we really knew very little.

These nervous discussions made me write an article which I'd like to remind you of today.


It’s a history worthy of the movie, happening on both sides of the ocean. The mystery that hides a winner of twelve international armwrestling tournaments, living in the United States and Russia. For 20 years, he has lived a double life - hiding under a false name, changed his appearance, is suspected of the murder. Intelligence agencies of many countries are seeking to understand who this man really is.

Today at the international airport "Sheremetyevo" landed a plane from the United States, in which flew the famous athlete, twelve times armwrestling world champion Roman Tsindeliani. A few minutes later in the same place Jambul Vibliani , who has been wanted on international warrant for murder for two decades was arrested.

Neither the first nor the second case would surprising if it was not that the same person in both cases. The one, who for 20 years is wanted throughout the world, seems to be genuinely surprised. He says his name is enough to enter in any search engine.

"Absolutely there is no problem, to find me. I’ve been a world champion twelve times, I’m a representative of Russia," - said Roman Tsindeliani (Jambul Vibliani).

Really huge quantity of sport events material is placed on the Internet. Roman Tsindeliani wins victory after victory. He is titled, lives in America, travels all over the world. That was until April this year, when the champion was detained by U.S.A immigration services.  Famous armwrestler’s documents aroused suspicions of the authorities. After an expertise they turned to be false. A decision to deport the master to Russia has been taken.

The player flew out from America under the name Tsindeliani, and after a few hours at the airport police greeted him under the name Vibliani. Now the suspect is in custody, was charged with murder committed in 1990 in Georgia.

"Then, during a quarrel the suspect stroke a deadly blow with a knife. In addition, available data indicate that the accused may be involved in the murder and robbery, committed in April 1999." - Said the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Valery Gribakin.

One version of the investigation says, that after the murderer Vibliani escaped and moved to Perm, where he changed his outward appearance and identity. In a new place he began achieving sports success. Tsindeliani’s career developed rapidly. For his coaches, wards, and even family, what has happened is a total surprise.

"I learned about these horrible accusations that have been submitted to him. We have almost dispatched a lawyer for him. No matter what he did, he is a member of the national team, and only the court may decide - whether he is guilty or not" - said Alexander Filimonov, meritorious coach of the Russian Federation, President of the Russian Armsport Federation.

The family and friends of the master maintains that it is probably a mistake in the investigation and that in time all will be revealed. The athlete himself categorically denies a criminal past.

Maxim Voronin

Directorate for information programs

Source: Russian TV 1st program

But let's go back to the present day!

On 15 May 2013 the court in the capital of Georgia released Dzhambul Vibliani, a citizen of Georgia. Please do not confuse him with Roman TSINDELIANI. Dzhambul used that name when he went to Russia and received Russian citizenship. Now, he regained the citizenship of his country - Georgia. He's going to compete in the World Championships which will be held in Poland in September. Although he did not participate in qualifications that took place in Georgia, he has been included in the national team in the category of 65 kg.

What happened? In 2010 Roman went to the USA and received a green card. He would take part in competitions. He did not shun publicity and became known. Suddenly, Georgian authorities brought proceedings against him, accusing the athlete of murder, allegedly committed in Georgia, 20 years ago. Acting in favour of the former Georgian authorities, the American authorities canceled the permit for Dzhambul to stay in the U.S., claiming it was false. As a result, Dzhambul was deported, but not to Georgia, he was sent to Russia. Then he was deprived of Russian citizenship and sent to prison in Georgia. Georgia's new government began to reveal irregularities in the process of investigation and the proceedings. As a result, the athlete was completely exonerated.

We know that he's free now and  will not seek compensation for what happened to him. He's going to continue his sports career.

He's comig to Poland to compete in the World Championships and the Nemiroff World Cup.

It was not a movie ... it really happened!

We tend to think that popularity acts as a kind of protective umbrella. It does not. We live in interesting times, indeed.

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