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Lviv is ready, waiting for us! >>>

Lviv is ready, waiting for us! # Armwrestling #

Announced the organizers of Lion Cup - Fitmax Challenge 2013 ()

Let me put it this way: this year’s competition will be far more better than the previous one.

More competitors are going to take part in it and the whole show will on a much higher level than ever before. Shall we go?

We’ve got a short message from the organizers:

We’re busy with preparations. Advertisements are being broadcast on the radio as well as on TV. We’ve already hung banners and posters all over the city. As always, we’re faced with many problems, but we manage. Our rockmen are preparing new songs, so everything will be great.

Which armwrestling starts are going to compete in the tournament!

Pushkar and Semerenko have already confirmed their participation. Oleg Zohkl, Rustam Babayev and Prudnik are also coming. But this is not the complete list of our competitors... You’ll get to know the full list, it’s a secret for the time being.

What about the girls?

At least ten women are going to take part in the competition. Victoria Iliushyna has already confirmed she would come.

We also know that the Belorussian team have announced their arrival. The Polish team are also coming. So far a few teams have announced their arrival and we are waiting for others to confirm their participation.

What else will change compared to last year?

The competition will be held in the city center, in an entertainment centre “Milenium”, so everyone will have a chance to see old monuments of Lviv. Our rock band will perform some of their biggest hits at the finals. Those not coming to Lviv will be able to watch the live coverage on the Internet.

We are waiting for you in Lviv!

Shall we go? Definitely!

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