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No one expected that from the 1st April 2004 (this date is regarded as the date of the origin of the web page) would evolve so much. At the beginning, it was a little web site for arm wrestling fans mainly from Poland, today it may boldly be called international web page devoted to one sport only – Arm wrestling! is the biggest web page in the world devoted to arm wrestling. As updated in the swim, full of reportages, galleries, films and on-line accounts it became the best source of the information of the world Arm wrestling. Practically all thematic sections arouse interest, from news, trainings and experts’ opinions to multilingual forum enabling exchange of experiences, presentation of training methods, supplementation and techniques improvement.


As of yet is edited in three basic languages: Polish, English and Russian. A group of a few fans of the sport from different parts of the world creates, supplements with new materials and modifies the web page. They try to pass on the net surfers information, photos, accounts and training tips connected with arm wrestling in the swim.


If the founders of the web page - Mazurenko Armwrestling Promotion Sp. z o.o. – a company from Gdynia, with the world famous arm wrestling activist – Igor Mazurenko in the vanguard, would devote their time and potential they have had to create a sports web page based on various sports disciplines, they would probably have been leaders of the sports web pages. group participants however chose what they normally deal with and what they love -  Arm wrestling! And web page became a kind of arm wrestling encyclopedia visited by millions of net surfers form all over the world.



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