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These Regulations were made under the provisions of the law in force in the Polish Republic, and set out the principles of operation of the web site which functions under the domain, and the provisions and use of its Services. The Regulations set out the rights and obligations of Users and the rights, duties and responsibilities of web site as the entity managing and leading the web site.

Terms of using Service is to get acquainted with the entire Regulations, including the content of the enclosures and its acceptance.


In case of changing the Regulations, to use the Services under the terms of the amended Regulations the User must accept change of Regulations. The User has also the right not to accept the amended Regulations and thereby terminate the Agreement on the terms specified in the Regulations. If the User does not terminate the Agreement, the amended Regulations come into force within a prescribed period.


For the purposes of these Regulations, the following concepts, meaning as follows are used:

Regulations - a document setting out rules for using of the Web site, including in particular the rights and obligations of Users and web site, including the annexes forming an integral part

Agreement - an agreement for the provision of electronic services concluded between each User and web service valid at the moment of acceptance of the Regulations by the User,

corresponding to the contents of the Regulations. The User concluding the Agreement agrees to display Services by on User’s Account and communicate by Mail

Web site - page, web portal run by under the domain – a web site which is owned in as far as the name, its design, graphic design, logo, graphic elements, trademarks, software and others by the company of Mazurenko Armwrestling Promotion Ltd., located in 81-245 Gdynia, Okrzei 18 / 7 Street, with NCR 0000220395, VAT-ID 9581473620, REGON 193090980 District Court Gdansk-North in Gdansk, VIII Division of the National Court Register.

Accounts Database - collection of Data and Personal Data placed on the Web site by Users, which are collected, processed in an ordered way in a computer system within the framework of Services provided by the web site, by courtesy of Users

Data - the content contained in the web site, in particular information, pictures, posts, comments which are voluntarily placed in the Web site by Users

Personal Data - information collected through the registration form available at, concerning an identified or identifiable human legal person, processed by the web site in order to perform the Services defined particularly in Regulations of web site properly, as well as for operational and statistical purposes related to conducting of the web site and for other purposes specified in the relevant consent given by the User

User - organizational unit without legal personality, which in the provisions of the law posses legal capacity and / or natural or human legal person with full legal capacity, which, by acceptance of the Regulations gained an access to the Services officered by the web site. The user can also be a natural minor and / or not having full legal capacity, subject to the approval of the legal representative

Account – a Web site space made available to the User, which may be used to publish Data that can be seen by other Users, that can also be used by web site under the conditions specified in these Regulations.

Login – a unique, not switch able sequence of signs entered by the User in the Web site in the Account development phase, enabling the identification of the User while the subsequent use of the Web site.

RSS - a stream of messages available in the web site and transmitted in a defined family of mark-up language

Mail - a service available for Users serving internal communication within the Web site, designed to display messages

Spam - e-mail messages (in particular of a commercial nature) transmitted within the Web site via Mail, as well as put in other places of a website, which were not consent to receive by the recipient

Service(s) - all benefits for Users performed under the Contract, including the forum, the mate label's, games, contests, RSS and others.

Paid Service(s) - Services for which charge, in particular, they are: virtual points, wallpaper, cards and other page elements.


Driving through the Web site primarily includes:

1. Establishment of a communication platform, by conducting Accounts Database enabling:
- searching for Users and the exchanging of free correspondence, remarks, opinions
- making acquaintance between Users
2. Sharing own server space in order to:
- place Data in it by Users
- provide Services.
3. For using the Website it is necessary for the User to have the equipment allowing the Internet access, including the program used to browse its resources, accepting cookie files, and e-mail account, with the exception of the so-called temporary e-mail addresses,
4. Within the Web site it is forbidden to use viruses, bots, worms or any other computer codes, files or programs, in particular, automating scripts and applications processes or other code, files or tools.
5. The User should be aware of the fact that using of certain software available on the market or of Adblock Plus type or Flashblock can cause dysfunction of the Web site or unable to use the Web site in a whole.


1. By accepting these Regulations, the User agrees to all its terms and agrees to obey them.
2. Using the Web site is tantamount to acceptance of these Regulations by the User.
3. The creation and use of the accounts Services provided by the and functionality in the Web site is free (except for Paid Services) and voluntary.
4. At the moment of the acceptance of these Regulations by the User the Agreement is concluded for an indefinite period, with the exception of the death of the User, being a human legal person, or liquidation of the User who is a legal person or organizational unit without a legal personality. In this case the agreement expires, a User's Account. after reporting the circumstances of the case to the User Support Department via e-mail: is deleted.
5. Concluding the Agreement is to fill the form at and accept these Regulations by the User.
6. Acceptance of the Rules is tantamount to the submission of statements of the following content by the User:
- I detail read the Regulations and agreed to all its provisions and voluntarily began to use the Web site Services and I allow for the provision of Services by within my account on the Web site.

- My Personal Data contained in the registration form and the Data contained in the Accounts, or subsequently during the use of the Web site modified are true and lawful and do not infringe rights of third parties

- In order to perform the Services specified in the Regulations of the Web site properly, as well as operational and statistical purposes related to the conduct of the Web site I agree my personal data to be process by

- In order to provide the Services by and deliver functionality of the Web site I allow to use my image placed in the Web site

- I declare that the inclusion of the Personal Data, images and information about other people in the Account took place in a legal manner, voluntarily and with the consent of the those People

- I am aware of the responsibility that falls on me for inclusion of the Personal Data and the images of the third parties in Web site without proper authorization

- I agree to receive system information ( newsletter), messages from and information of the changes, handicaps, or the maintenance or operation of the Web site on the e-mail address indicated in the settings of the Account
- I accept and agree to use the Web site in accordance with these Regulations and the purpose of the Web site

- I accept and agree to the removal by the of my personal data put in the Web site that violates decorum and promote unhealthy ways of behaviour

- I accept and agree to free, in particular, dictated by technical or legal, modifications or deleting appearance of the Web site, including the appearance and layout of my Account, as well as placing in the Website and/or Accounts, including also in the e-mail Account information, content, windows, banners and advertisements by the

- To uphold the quality and level of the Web site, I accept and agree for free establishment by of the Web site content, including the removal and modification of Data and Services in the Web site, to prevent the User access to the Web site, or cessation of Web site and each of its Services, and also transfer rights to the Web site, and to take all actions permitted by the law connected with the Web site.


1. At the moment of acceptance of these Regulations, the User agress to the processing of their Personal Data by under the terms of these Regulations and in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

2. Personal Data Administrator is Mazurenko Armwrestling Promotion Ltd., which makes the processing of Users’ personal data in accordance with the law, including, in particular with the provisions of the Act of the 29th of August 1997 on the personal data protection (one vol. OJ from 2002, No. 101, item. 926, as amended.) and the Act of the 18th of July 2002 on electronic services (OJ No 144, item. 1204, as amended.).

3. process User’s Personal Data in as far as it is necessary to establish, shape the content of Agreement, change, solve and proper realization of Services provided electronically, as well as, the settlement of accounts with the User.
4. has the right to make the provision of service of the Web site and its Services to the User conditional, both at the User Registration/conclusion of the Agreement and in the course of the Services from the confirmation of the Personal Data with relevant documents, by sending for example copies of documentary proof of identity. Sending a copy of the document is voluntary. If a photocopy of the document will not be sent, or will give rise to doubts as to the accuracy or truthfulness, has the right to:
- not to register or block the Account until the clarification of the doubts

- refuse to provide services by the Web site or other Services provided by, including the complete removal of the account

Documents (including originals), confirming the identity referred to above, after thorough investigation will be destroyed.

5. has the right to make the provision of the Services and use of the Web site by the User from previous making probable by them the lawfulness of the processing of Personal Data and the image made available in the Web site, in particular by providing appropriate approvals of People or other appropriate documents. Sending copies of documents is voluntary. If these documents will give rise to doubt whether the Person has the right to display the Personal Data or image, may refuse to conclude an Agreement for the provision of services by electronic means, to block the Account or some Services rendered to the User within the Web site, or completely terminate the Agreement with the User.

6. The User has the right to inspect Personal Data being processed at any time, as well as the right to correct them and demand their removal from the Accounts Database.

7. The User has to update the Personal Data provided in the registration form as soon as any change in the Data occures.
8. In case of that arising doubt by as to the truthfulness or topicality of the news Personal Data provided on the registration form by the User, notwithstanding the provisions of these Regulations shall have the right to:

- call the User for the immediate removal of false Personal Data or update Personal Data

- refer warning to the User

- blocking User Account and/or the availability of selected Services in the Web site pending an investigation

- permanent remove of the User’s account

9. is entitled to share Data and Personal Data only to authorized entities under the relevant provisions of law. does not provide Data and Personal Data to other entities, in particular untitled People, against the law.


1. The user by placing Data, particularly image, and photo, graphic, audio, film materials and other statements in their own Account or another User’s grants non-exclusive license, under which purchases fullness (all) property copyright to use and dispose all Data placed by the User and their free exploitation with no time and territorial limits, in all operation fields, particularly in the fields listed below:

- For use in whole or in part in memory consolidation, alteration, removal, filling, retouching, public performance, public display, reproduce and distribution (mainly in the Internet)
- Recording and rewriting of the recordings of the placed Data, in particular audio, film and graphics materials to another technique / system / type / write media
- Multiplexing placed Data, in particular audio, films and graphics materials in an unlimited number of copies in any media, any techniques

2. Acquisition by of the copyrights to placed Data, and granting of permits and authorizations defined in the Regulations success when they are placed by the User in the Website.

3. has also the right to use, in whole or in part Data contained for information, promotion, maintenance, chronicles, and advertising purposes.


1. Data and Personal Data put by the User are explicit information that may be made public within the Web site. In particular, they may be accessible to people using the Internet and can be indexed by search engines, what in understood and accepted by the Users.

2. Each User can have only one Account.

3. Establishment of more than one Account requires the written consent of The resultant agreement may be sent to the User by post and/or e-mail to the address and/or the e-mail account specified by the User.

4. It is forbidden to share one’s Account with others, as well as to use of the Accounts of other people.

5. Activities that may impede or destabilize the operation of the Web site or expose the Web site to loss of its reputation are unacceptable. In the case of stating by the that the User have permitted such actions, may immediately deactivate or completely delete User’s account.

6. User’s actions involving attempts to destabilize the Web site may also be considered by as a crime, in particular, within the meaning of the Penal Code.

7. By concluding an agreement with, you agree to:

- Refrain from any actions that could impede or disrupt the operation of the Web site
- Not to use the Web site Services in a manner oppressive to other Users, including activities involving in particular destruction, alteration, removal, damaging, obstructing access to the Accounts of other Users

- Refrain from any actions which would violate the privacy of other Users, primarily involving the collection, processing and disseminating information about other Members without their express consent, except situations when such activities are consistent with the law or these Regulations

- Not to take any actions to the detriment of, Users and other entities, in particular, by posting content humiliating, degrading, tarnishing opinion of others,as well as through the use of false or confidential information
- Refrain from any actions that are used for fraudulent obtaining of other Users' passwords, identification data and other private data, particularly in the commercial purposes or for illegal purposes

- Refrain from any actions which spread propaganda and/or symbols of organizations which are declared unconstitutional or illegal in the Polish Republic

- Refrain from any activities with the use of viruses, bots, worms or other computer code, files or other programs that interrupt, destroy or limit the operation of the Web site and /or hardware, or otherwise allow the unauthorized use and/or access to a computer or computer network

- Refrain from any activities which affects the use of the automation system and, in particular automatic annotation, display, etc., including, inter alia, the use of scripts to add friends, send comments, news, Web site updates

- Comply with copyright and rights under the registration of inventions, patents, trademarks, utility and industrial models of and other entities

8. Users are forbidden to use the Web site in a manner inconsistent with these Regulations, in particular, it is prohibited to put and disseminate through the Web site:

- Software under the rights of third parties without the proper authorization

- Software designed for the unauthorized destruction, change, delete, damage, obstructing access to computer data, disrupt or prevent the automatic processing, storage and transmission of such data, disrupting communication and information systems operation

- Computer passwords, access codes or other information allowing unauthorized access to information stored in a computer system or communication network
- Placing in the Web site content that is abusive, misleading, inconsistent with common law in the Polish Republic, propagating violence, morally reprehensible, or violating generally accepted decency.

- Using words generally considered offensive.
- Use of the Web site to research activities, in particular conducting researches, analysis, public opinion polls
- Placing Data, content and images of erotic or pornographic content as well as of at least showing partial nudity or suggestive, referring implicitly to the above-mentioned content, in breach of both Polish and international legal and moral norms, depicting or promoting violence, hatred, discrimination, including racial, cultural, ethnic, religious or philosophical, and others.

- Making efforts to establish contact with a minor under the age of 15 in sexual contexts.

- Placing Data, content and images affecting the personal interests and/or insulting the dignity of others
- Sending out spam, so unsolicited commercial information, and practising commercial, advertising, promotional or other business, except for advertising place.

- Multiple sending of the same message or many messages at very short time intervals (i.e. flooding)


1. has the right to block and remove User’s Account with immediate effect, in particular in case of the User, whose activity were regarded as harmful to the Web site or other Users, contrary to morality, the idea of ​​social network and communication platform or affecting the image or reputation of the Web site in the other way.

2. archives Data collected by the Web site and in case of obtaining information about the use of the Services by the User in contravention of these Regulations or/and valid regulations. In this case, may process Users’ Personal Data to the extent necessary to determine the liability of the User, provided that the fact of obtaining and the content of these messages are recorded for the purpose of obtaining evidence. has the right to block, and/or delete the User’s Account that violates any provision of these Regulation and/or due to received notification meeting the conditions for Legitimate Note to a pending investigation, in which a User suspected of violation of the Regulations in any of its provisions.

4. The User acknowledges and agrees that the deletion of the Account is tantamount to irretrievable loss of all Data accumulated within the Account.
5. You have the right to terminate the Agreement with with immediate effect and without giving any reason.

6. Termination of the Agreement by the User is the deletion of their Account by an account removal procedure after sending an email to the address Such a user, who terminates the Agreement in this way states that he is aware of the concomitant irreversible removal of all User’s Data.

7. Deletion of the User’s Data does not mean an automatic remove of the Personal Data from the Accounts Database.

8. After deleting or blocking the Account, processes Personal Data of the Users of the Portal within the range specified in the Act on electronic services, in order of: the proper settlement of services within the Portal, the proper completion of services to the User and to give special protection to Users.

9. The agreement may be terminated by by blocking and/or deleting of User’s Account, regardless of other provisions of these Regulations, in particular when:

- The User takes action to the detriment of Users and third parties and/or

- The User places the content or images having objectively negative impact on the functioning of the Web site on the Account

- Receiving an e-mail of illegal Data character (including Personal Data) or associated with these Data (Personal Data) activity of the use by

- Receiving an official announcement of the illegal Data character (including Personal Data) or associated with these Data activities of the User

- The User directs content that violates objectively decency, in particular, defamatory, offensive, infringing in any way the personal interests, advocating or inciting to commit a crime or misconduct, harassment of other persons to other Users.

- In case of placing the unlawful, offensive, misleading, inconsistent with the law, promoting violence, hatred, violating moral standards or generally accepted decorum contents on the Account

10. In the case of blocking or deleting the Account by, setting up a new Account by the same user requires the prior consent of

11. In the case of sending Spam by the User, reserves the right to temporarily and/or durable prevention the User sending messages in the Web site via e-mail


1. is not responsible for any disruptions of the functioning of the Web site caused by force majeure, failure of equipment and/or unlawful interference of Users, even if they caused loss of Data on User’s Accounts.

2. is not responsible for temporarily disability of using the Web site functions by Users, resulting from making changes and improvements in the system. Of the technical breaks and time the Users will be informed.
3. is not responsible for the content of private messages sent by Users. Users sending messages which content violate the law or protected by the law good of third parties, may bear criminal or civil responsibility for this.
4. is not responsible for the content and Data submitted, posted,transmitted and published by Users. Content and Data posted by users are not views and opinions of the authors of the Web site.

5. The User is fully responsible (including criminal) responsibility for breaking the law or damaging resulting from their activities in the Web site, in particular for putting illegal Data or false Personal Data, disclosure of professional secrecy and/or other confidential information,violation of personal and/or copyright and related rights.

6. is not responsible in case of directing claims to by other People connected with the publication of Data in particular photos or images of these people. Responsibility for this is borne entirely by the User who published the Data.
7. is responsible for damages incurred by the User due to their use of the insecure and devoid of anti-virus protection computer connected to the Internet, in particular, for breaking into a system and e-mail used by the User, acquisition of private Personal Data, including passwords and/or Login and by third parties, infecting User’s computer system by viruses.


1. Any disruptions of the Web site functioning may be complained by the user through the application to using the e-mail address
2. Complaints will be handled by within 14 days from the date of submiting the complaint.

3. reserves the right to leave a complaint without consideration, if they arise from ignorance of the provisions of these Regulations or the law.

4. reserves the right to intervene in the User’s Account in order to remove irregularities in the functioning of the Web site and the disturbance or disruptions in User’s Account functioning.
5. will leave complains for services provided by other people using the Web site functions without consideration.


Name of the Web site, its design, graphic design, logos, graphics, trademarks, software and database are protected by law.


1. Regulations are available at
2. reserves the right to change the provisions of of the Regulations at any time for important reasons, mainly on technical or legal grounds, without justifying these reasons to Users.

3. In case of changes in the Regulations, will inform Users through the publication of a uniform text of the Regulations on the pages of the Web site and direct informing through the internal e- mail within the Web site.

4. A change in these Regulations shall enter into force within 7 days since the disclosure within the Web site.

5. In case of changes or cancellation due to a final court decision, of any of the provisions of these Regulations, the remaining provisions shall remain in force and bind on Users and