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John Brzenk, USA

John Brzenk - # armwrestling

He is known as the best armwrestler ever. He has been the number 1 armwrestler in the absolute class about 15-20 years out of the last 25 years. He has won Over the Top, Yukon Jack, Golden Bear, Petaluma, Nemiroff events which has been the toughest armwrestling events in the history of our sport..


Rustam Babayev, UKR

Rustam Babayev - # Armwrestling

Rustam has been the armwrestler who won the most WAF (18) & european titles (19) in the history. He also has multiple Nemiroff titles. He has not lost any right arm tournament which is double elimination format since 2001 WAF. A living Legend of our sport. He is the most succesful armwrestler who wins with right & left..


Cvetan Gashevski, BUL

Cvetan Gashevski - # Armwrestling

Cvetan Gashevski is known as the professor of the armwrestling. He has won 10 europeans title with right arm. He is the only armwrestler who defeated Rustam Babayev in same class with right arm in last 11 years..he also has multiple WAF titles..he has wins over almost every top puller that he armwrestled in his prime.


Engin Terzi, TUR

Engin Terzi - # armwrestling

He is known as the walking encyclopedia of armwrestling. He has been competing internationally since 1993 and has 17 World & european titles. He is the only armwrestler who won WAF in 5 different weight classes and won Petaluma in half of the weight classes. There are 17 years between his first and last international titles (1994 WAF & 2011 eac).


Dave Patton, USA

Dave Patton - # Armwrestling

A light weight Legend of our sport who dominated N. American armwrestling for years in 80s and 90s. He was known as a giant killer because he was succesfully pulling against the top heavyweights as well. He has won Over the Top, WAF, Yukon Jack,  Petaluma and many other top events in his prime.


Cobra Rhodes, USA

Cobra Rhodes - # Armwrestling

Internationally the most succesful American light weight Legend. He is the only armwrestler who won WAF in 3 decades (1989-1991-1992-1993-1999 & 2000). He is known with the best hand control in the light weight history. Besides John, he is probably the most famous  American armwrestler all around the world.


Jan Germanus, SVK

Jan Germanus - # Armwrestling

With his 14 WAF golds he is one of the most succesful armwrestler in the world. He has the record of winning WAF during the longest  period of time (1994-2008). A very powerful Slovakian Legend of our Sport.


Johnny Walker, USA

Johny Walker # # Armwrestling

Johnny "the ice man" Walker surely was one of the greatest middle weights in the history of our sport. Over the Top, Yukon Jack, WAF, and many other victories over the greatest armwrestlers in the history deserved his name to be written with the Golden Names on the Armwrestling History.


Ron Bath, USA

Ron Bath - # Armwrestling

The most succesful armwrestler that John Brzenk met in his class. He has wins against John in many tournaments from the early 90s till today. With the longevity of his succesful career he is a living Legend of our sport.

Cleve Dean, USA

Cleve Dean - # Armwrestling

Cleve Dean (R.I.P.) was one of the greatest armwrestlers in the sport of armwrestling. During his long career he has won the greatest events such as WAF, Yukon Jack, WWC and many others he is an armwrestling Legend. His name is well known all over the armwrestling world.