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John Brzenk - Time will show whether I return to sport >>>

John Brzenk - Time will show whether I return to sport # Armwrestling #



As is already known will not see John Brzenk  at the table on this year's Nemiroff World Cup. It does not mean that John will not come this year to Poland. At the invitation of Igor Mazurenko Brzenk will be the special guest of this year's World Cup Professionals - Nemiroff World Cup 2011.

We asked an American armwrestling Champion what happened, that he can not compete at the World Cup, which will be held on 14-15th of October 2011 in Mazurkas Conference Centre in Ożarów Mazowiecki (near Warsaw). Below the direct relationship of John Brzenk.




20110908125700_john_01.JPGOn May 4th I had arthroscopic surgery on my right shoulder. I believe this injury was the result of throwing a softball almost 20 years ago. I can clearly remember hearing a ripping sound, and struggled for many months with my Armwrestling afterwards. But being in my twenties this injury did stabilize and felt comfortable enough where I was able to deal with it. I never considered going to the doctor. I would have never have considered surgery. Through the years I would be reminded of this injury over and over again when I would get involved in a tough match.

The shoulder joint would get inflamed and it would take months to calm back down. This was the situation after I pulled Denis in Vegas.

My shoulder felt so unstable for months…then the UAL match with Jerry caused may arm to feel like it was going to fall out of my socket. But I continued to work through it without having an Ortho look at it. Practice was getting tougher and tougher though, with continued pain to the point where I was having trouble sleeping through the night. This was the point when I decided I had to have it looked at and forget about the Armwrestling career.

20110908125700_john_02.JPGThe result of the surgery was a reattachment of the labrum ring. My labrum was torn nearly 360 degrees. The Surgeon secured it with 6 separate anchors. Time will tell if I can return to the sport and at what level. The arm feels good for everyday use now and there is little to no pain while sleeping. I have pulled so many years with this tear that my hope is that with enough time it will become much more stable and stronger than I can recently remember.

It’s been four months and it is still very weak and any side pressure causes enough discomfort that it makes me think I will reinjure it. It will be a slow process to build the strength and confidence back on the table. The doctor seems to think it may take up to a year before I am fully recovered. I’m not going to rush it…I fully plan on making a return to this sport.


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