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M. Wawrzyniak - Start at Nemiroff 2011 Is a Great Challenge >>>

M. Wawrzyniak - Start at Nemiroff 2011 Is a Great Challenge # Armwrestling #



Charming, mysteries ...
... intricacies before the Cup!


"Secret Weapon" or necessity, or maybe "Secret Intricacies"? Or maybe an attempt to adapt to the time when the finals will take place? Marlena is beginning her training ...after midnight! As far as this "owl" mode will appear to be effective – we will see on 14th-15th October at the Nemiroff World Cup 2011 in Ozarow Mazowiecki. As always before important events, we ask representatives of our Team about everything connected but also not connected with the start. Now it’s time for Marlena Wawrzyniak.





Editors: Marlena, why armwrestling? After all, this sport is seen more as a discipline for men? When did you notice that it is the one, and not another?
Marlena Wawrzyniak: It always fascinated me .. this charismatic sport, but it was an amazing time, when I started my arm wrestling adventure. All this is charming in its arcane intricacy. And I regard women's Armwrestling equally fascinating and spectacular. Even more, the beauty is combined with strength and grace :-)

Editors: You are the Strongest Pole. Are you so well prepared for every competitions, or hasn’t such a strong rival, that could beat you, appeared on the Polish scene yet?
Marlena Wawrzyniak: On the Polish scene there are strong and ambitious girls, and I create an experimental training program for each event, still implementing new technical elements. And it is harder to defend the title, than to acquire it.

Editors: The start at the Professionals’ World Cup are clashes the international champions. How do you feel before the start and what does the start at Nemiroff World Cup mean to you?
Marlena Wawrzyniak: The start at Nemiroff World Cup is a great challenge, I’ve been waiting for those moments!


Editors: You start on both hands. How do you think, on which one will you do better and why?
Marlena Wawrzyniak: My both right and left are very strong :-) my form increases from day to day, and it will soon turn out which one is better :-) By the way – I would like to thank my friends for help! I would also like to thank the main sponsor - Mariusz Opalinski "INSTALMET".

Editors: Who are you the most afraid of in your weight class and why?
Marlena Wawrzyniak: I regard each opponent, and my psyche will be focused on the fight.

Editors: Let's go to your types in men’s open class, although this may sound a little as note chauvinism.
Marlena Wawrzyniak: At this year's Nemiroff World Cup the "Time of Surprises" will come, so on the right hand - Andrey Pushkar, and on the left one Travis Bagent!

Editors: Continuation of the prediction, that is – how will our Team do?
Marlena: Polish National Team will win 4-5 medals.

Editors: Assume that you enter the cup- final. What should we hear from the loudspeakers?
Marlena: "Requiem For a Dream" - it motivates me, encourages and helps to visualize the fight.


Editors: Tell me, are these night training your idea or just necessity?
Marlena: It results from my occupational duties, I conduct my own company "Personal Trainer". Really, I need double motivation and strength to make training valuable.

 There are moments of weakness, fatigue or exhaustion, but I have my secret ways to motivate my body and psyche to continue training.
My workouts are downright "night hallucination" – I start at midnight, (I train alone, and competitors at noon) in my headquarter (gym), which I have run from January 2011. I have my own polished, individual fitness-armwrestling course of training, and if it comes to weights it depends on the cycle of preparation and muscle.

Editors: In what technique do you feel best and why?
Marlena: I will not reveal my crown technique :-)

Editors: I know you have unusual interest. I am talking about writing books. Or maybe there something else, that what we do not knowabout?
Marlena: Yes, I love writing, creating, literally immersing in words, I am waiting for an appropriate moment to publish my book, and I have a lot of interest .. let them remain in the "Chest of Secrets".

Editors: What are your life, sports goals?
Marlena: Those not spoken aloud always reach fulfilment :-)



Editors: Your proteges: Marta Opalinska and Slawomir Malas also start at Nemiroff World Cup 2011. What do you think, how they will do, how prepared they are? Will they manage? Is Marta, being in the same class you are, have any chance to win a medal? I recall that last year she ranked just behind the podium - fourth.
Marlena: Marta is a great athlete. We were able to experience beautiful moments of EC or WC a year ago. The fourth place was a brilliant success. Slawek is a "training machine", he is a very ambitious player, we are sparing partners. It resulted at this year’s Polish Championships. This year, Marta and Slawek will be prepared for the Cup. They perform a very good piece of training work, I will add that also Maciej Gralak brave and wonderful player is starting, so there can be also be surprises at this year's Cup:-)

Editors: How can you encourage fans to come to Ozarow Mazowiecki on 14th and 15th October to this year's Professionals’ World Cup - Nemiroff World Cup 2011?
Marlena: Professionals’ World Cup is the "Best of the Best". These show, spectacle, impressions, emotions! It is worth to go there and spend unforgettable time ..


20110919101959_net_marlena_05.jpgMarlena Wawrzyniak

She has been in our sport since November 2007. She has had many Polish Champion titles, she has won (and is still expected to win) Polish Cups, she is a double bronze medallist of the European Championships. She won many medals at international tournaments. In short, four times the Strongest Pole (2008, 2009; 2010; 2011) and so on, and on ... A former physical education teacher. Now she is a Personal Trainer. In armwrestling she effectively and successfully leads the UKS Arm Sports Fanatic club in Grudziadz. Her ward Opalińska Marta being under her charge won the titles of the junior European and world vice champion. She prepared many Polish and Polish Cup champions.

She started from the "Queen of Sports" in a difficult competition, which is the triple jump. Then figure fitness. Now armwrestling, which fascinated Marlena with "magic of techniques diversity". Her passion is to create training programs for various sports and for shaping the body.


Interviewed: PeSzy


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