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D. Cyplenkov is packing his bags for Nemiroff 2011 >>>

D. Cyplenkov is packing his bags for Nemiroff 2011 # Armwrestling #



Denis Cyplenkov – Let Bagent better not try his tricks!

Denis will fly from Moscow on Thursday morning, after two hours, he will be landing in Warsaw. In a previous interview he mentioned that he had a cold, we did not publish any details then, his voice was not good at all. Now, on Tuesday, October 11th has already got better. Just cough remained, but it is getting smaller. Our conversation written down here on the website does not reflect the militancy mood of the favorite of this year's Cup. You must have heard it.

We asked Denis if he was ready for the psychological maneuverings of Travis, those famous behaviors of the American. He briefly replied that he is ready. We tried to make sure, asking once again:

Denis, do you know what to expect from Travis Bagentcie?
Denis Cyplenkov: I know and I do not have any concerns.

Will you hold out his psychological pressures?
Denis Cyplenkov: Sure! But it would be better for him if he does not try such tricks as he did with Semerenko ... You all know what I mean.

Denis, thanks for the conversation and have a peaceful trip!
Denis Cyplenkov: See you in Poland!


Piotr Szymanowski


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