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Coach John the first at Nemiroff 2011! >>>

Coach John the first at Nemiroff 2011! # Armwrestling #



John Brzenk has already checked conditions for the American team before the STRUGGLE OF TWO WORLDS. He came to the Nemiroff World Cup for the first time  in a different role, not as a player, but as a guest of honour and trainer.

Today (Wednesday, 12.10.11, at 02.55p.m.), the most famous world Armwrestler John Brzenk came to Warsaw from the United States with a change in Paris. Tired of long flight, but as always cheerful and relaxed. I asked how he feels now in his new role. John replied that he finally feels no pressure, which always accompanied him at our competition. “Now will I be able to enjoy watching the World Cup, I can relax and look about”. - he said.

It could not do without questions about his types for the most important battles of this year's Cup and assessment of chances and scores of individual players.

According to John, Denis Cyplenkov will be under a huge pressure. He cannot lose. He really looks like a strongest guy, doesn’t he? So he cannot be beaten by someone of a less impressive built.

THIS IS A REALL PRESSURE! I see a possibility, that someone can dethrone Denis, because he is still young, and does not have as much experience as those who are getting ready to meet him. But he can really get surprised by Travis’s strength and experience. In addition, John drew attention to the fact that Jerry Cadorette is arriving tomorrow, and he can be incredibly prepared. It’s little said about him, as a favourite, but from John’s words I concluded that Jerry will surely be one of quarterbacks of the Cup.

For a whole hour we were analyzing the of case strength and technique in armwrestling and I must stress that John Brzenk is a supporter of the biggest number of hours spent at the table. If You want to fight in armwrestling - fight! If you want to  win in swimming - swim! Psyche, mentality, attitude to the fight are the most important features. That plus the number of repetitions of the fights. These words of John Brzenk many trainers, especially those who pushed boxers to improve their condition, should remind themselves.

More questions, you can ask John at a press conference which will be held on Thursday the 13th, at 12.00.



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