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Workout - Knees to Elbows ()

"This exercise is fantastic for full body stimulation. For armwrestlers this exercise focuses on connection to the body which is the key component to all offensive "inside"/hooking forces. Sets such as this can be done for a total # combined in a set structure, or in a single set, (as shown) format. Progression can occur for most people every 5 days + or -. The exercise can be made harder by using 1 hand, 1 arm, various grips or handles.

As armwrestlers - focusing on the cup of the wrist and connection to the centre of the body for this movement is vital. Often the inside of the elbow joint will become inflamed.. this can be due to overuse or improper movement. Exercise such as this are fantastic to teach proper/safe mechanics - connection vs side pressure for your drive. The lack of movement in the elbow joint will also minimise the damage to the area."


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