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It was great, but this time it will be even better, and much “harder”. Professional Armwrestling League presents its plans for the new season. ()

On 4-7 June last year, eight top pullers in the world came to the town of Stara Zagora in Bulgaria to take part in a two-day competition - Armfight # 41 - World Cup Armfight. First, the armwrestlers competed in qualifiers and then in semi-finals and finals. Each match consisted of six rounds. The two-day event preceded by the draw ceremony brought great excitement to everyone. The atmosphere was really warm, and the results ... Well, the results were quite surprising and, more importantly, they showed that our pullers were in a really good shape - ready for the next events in the 2012 season.

They line-up in Stara Zagora included:
Crazy “Shrek” Arsenic Liliev of Russia;
Promising and highly motivated Terence Opperman from South Africa;
“Testing his form” John “The Legend” Brzenk from the USA;
“The Great Hope of Utah Guys” Todd Hutchings from the USA;
“Fast” Vasili Dautashvili of Georgia;
“Unpredictable” Dmitriy Trubin of Kazakhstan;
“New” Igor Miroshnik of Ukraine;
The hosts’ favorite Krasimir Kostadinov of Bulgaria.

You can view the history of this elite tournament and descriptions of exciting fights in the “Schedule” on our website. But let’s get down to the point.
PAL under Assen Hadjitodorov decided to follow the already proven formula.

In late May and early June in one of the beautiful resorts of Bulgaria there will take place another eight-man right hand tournament, in the category of 95 kg!
The initial line-up of the competitors has already been prepared, but as organizers, we also want to know your opinions. Who would like to see among the “Magnificent Eight”?

Devon Larratt has already assured us that he would do his best to come to Bulgaria. John Brzenk wants to participate as well. Who then should represent the other side of the Ocean? Of course, Andrey Pushkar has already put Bulgaria on his calendar.
Who else? Send us your suggestions, and the final line-up will definitely surprise you ...



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