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FAST SHREK # Armwrestling #

Listen to the interview. Those who do not speak the language of Pushkin can read my translation. ()

An interview with Arsen Liliev on the Russian TV.

Presenter: An athlete of the North Caucasus, Arsen Liliev has enriched his collection with yet another title. After the Championship of Russia he was recognized by experts as the “Fastest Armwrestler on the Planet”. His aggressive, quick start allows him to achieve an advantage, even over potentially stronger rivals.

Arsen Liliev: So far I competed in the category of 90 kg, but now I turned to the 100 kg category. I knew all my rivals before, and now I'm getting to know the new ones. They are heavier and bigger. But I keep fighting for I think that the more difficult the match, the greater the joy, the more interesting the challenge.

Presenter: Now, our athletes will face each other at the European and World Championships.



Source: vestikbr

Info: Vasil Nikolov

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