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IT’S JUST THE BEGINNING! # Armwrestling #

The history of Croatian armwrestling has begun before our eyes! ()


56f9bc_p2.jpgAt the recent European Armwrestling Championships, Croatian team won its first medals.

In the masters category 70 kg, right hand Drazen Kogl came in first and won gold medal.

When it comes to the left hand, Drazen was second.

His son - Marko took third place in the junior category. Mrs. Kogl, Drazen’s wife and Marko’s
mother also took part in the championship.


Generally, 26 national teams with 660 athletes took part in the tournament.

Congratulations to Croats! You walked into the world of serious armwrestling only recently,
and you can already celebrate your first achievements. We look forward to further successes!
Now there  are only several clubs in Croatia where you can practice armwrestling, but the number will certainly rise in near future. We’re
looking forward to that. If any of armwrestlers decides to go to Croatia on holiday and would like to do some workout there - check the profile

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