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“Cobra” will be a special guest at the opening of PAL office in Las Vegas! >>>

“Cobra” will be a special guest at the opening of PAL office in Las Vegas! # Armwrestling #

A new seat of PAL will be opened in Las Vegas. Reigning so far in Europe, armwrestling will embark on its adventure within the US in early October ()

6376 Spring Mountain Road, Suite 6 Las Vegas, NVthats the address of the new seat of PAL that will be officially opened on October 10.

this city? - asks Igor Mazurenko, PAL promoter. - Las Vegas is a place where dreams of events organizers come true. In addition, we happen to have great friends in Las Vegas who help us with armfights. They will also run our new office.

head of the American seat will be Richard Erog, a longtime sports manager, and his wife Natalia Erog, who will be responsible for the co-operation with the East.
reason for the opening of a new office in the U.S. was to use the vast experience gained in the field of armwrestling on the European market and transfer it into the U.S. market. However, also ordinary armwrestlers will benefit from the opening of the new office in the U.S.

Many of them use the equipment produced by Mazurenko Armwrestling Equipment, such as armwrestling tables - says Mazurenko.These are the only tables used at prestigious sporting events, such as European or world championships, and others. We strive to ensure that the equipment is available for sale in the United States. Anyone interested knows how difficult it is to get the equipment in the U.S. as shipping is done in Europe. Now we are working on it. We want to make sure that everyone can buy our table in the U.S. without unnecessary formalities and high fees. In our TV programReal armwrestlingwe will also promote American athletes not only within the U.S. but around the world.

Poland, PAL started its activity in 2001 with the organization of the first tournament, the so-calledeights.A new competition system calledarmfight, known around the world as six-round matches, became PAL top-class child in 2003.
2006, PAL organized several tournaments and matches, not only in Poland but also in Bulgaria, Germany, England, and Ukraine, and in the end the organization decided to use its experience on the U.S. market . Therefore, people who have expressed their willingness to hold such fights met in Las Vegas in 2006. After three years of negotiations the first tournament took place in Tapou Training Center where Cyplenkov, Brzenk, Tood and Manchesko.
The tournament itself was the inauguration of the opening of a PAL office, which has functioned to this day. But only now there will be an opening ceremony of the new seat.

interesting fact is that the legend of world armwrestling - AndrewCobraRhodes has become the official face of PAL recently. He will also be a special guest at the opening of the office.

invite each and every armwrestler who will be at this time in Las Vegas to visit our office and talk about his sporting future - encourages Mazurenko. - There will be enough room for everyone.

Iza Małkowska

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