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Nemiroff World Cup 2013 – official opening! >>>

Nemiroff World Cup 2013 – official opening! # Armwrestling #

Over 200 contestants from all over the world will start in Nemiroff World Cup. Some of them were present at a press conference in the Warsaw Hilton ()

Dave Chaffi, Christian Binie, Andrey Pushkar and Dawid Bartosiewicz attended the press conference in the Warsaw Hilton, a day before the competition.

Today we are celebrating the XIV edition of Zloty Tur, and the XI edition of Nemiroff World Cup – says Igor Mazurenko, organizer. Again we have the pleasure of hosting Andrey Pushkar, but also the stars of American armwrestling: Dave Chaffi, for the first time in Europe, and Christian Binie, who despite his age – 50 years old – still puts in a great show in left hand in USA.

Also in attendance was Dawid Bartosiewicz, this years vice champion of the world in 75kg category.

First of all I’m very glad of the organizer’s faith in my fights tomorrow – says Dawid Bartosiewicz.- It’s a great motivation for me, I don’t want to jinx myself by making any assumptions. I’ve been training for 10 years now, it’s high time I had some real achievements. I’m now at the pint, where I can take on the strongest in my category. I’m ready for gold.

Mindset is very important in armwrestling.

Ive seen many contestants lose a fight because of mindsetsaid Paweł Podlewski, the main host of the conference, of Dawids words.

I’ve heard many great things about the Cup – says Dave Chaffie. – It’s the best professional tournament in the world, that’s what I came for – to fight the best in my category.

Christian Binie fights right-hand only.

My left hand was always weak, I gave it up altogether after Ive broken itsays Binie.Ive been to Nemiroff in Poland before. Its a great Cup, very high level, many people to learn new things from. The fighters from overseas are the worlds top, fighting them is always an extra thrill. Its a privilege to face such legends as Cyplenkov or Pushkar

The prize pool this year in Nemiroff World Cup is 32 000 $

Today there will also be the weigh-ins, tomorrow at 9.00 in the morning the left-hand starts will begin, and on 20.30 well be able to watch the semifinals and finals on Eurosport 2. The same will happen on Sunday

Iza Małkowska



Iza Małkowska

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