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More restrictive drug-testing in effect! >>>

More restrictive drug-testing in effect! # Armwrestling #

This year’s European Championships in Azerbaijan will see more restrictive drug testing. ()

More money – more possibilities.

The Azerbaijan Ministry of Sports and the EAF committee decided to allocate a certain amount of money for drug testing of contestants in this year’s European Championships.

Until now, usually some 40 tests were run, financed by the EAF. This time the numbers will double.

The president of WAF, Assen Hadjitorov, suggested to Igor Mazurenko in a telephone conversation to divide the testing phases thusly:

- Seniors who took 1st and 2nd places, 3rd places randomly; both left and right hand

- Females who took 1st places; 2nd and 3rd places randomly

- Juniors from 1st to 3rd places – randomly

The remaining tests will be divided randomly between men – 3rd places; women – 2nd and 3rd places and juniors from 1 – 3rd places.

Igor Mazurenko, vice-president of WAC has reserved that this conception may yet change, but so far organizers and federations are all satisfied with it.

If we want this sport to be treated seriously, we have to show good will in the area of drug testing, by more investing money in it – says Mazurenko.

It’s worth noting that after the drug control at the 2013 European Championships, 12 people have lost the chance to compete in the 2013 Worlds’. After the Worlds’, another 11 people tested positive for drugs and were disqualified, two of them are still undergoing procedures to explain their results.

The following people were disqualified, for left and right arm, disabled and regular. Their suspension includes all sports disciplines, worldwide. They are bound by law to return all medals won in European Championships 2013.

They are suspended for a given duration of time and banned from all preparations or entries into any armwrestling events organized by WAF, EAF, international, national or local.

- Arsen LILIEV / Russia / 2 years

- Viktar BRATCHENIA /Belarus/ 2 years

- Diana BAREEVA / Russia / 2 years

- Genadi KVIKVINIA/ Georgia / 2 years

- Natalia GURCIEVA/ Russia/ 2 years

- Sinan PEHLIVAN / Turkey/ 1 year

- Ruslan MAMEDOV/ Russia/ 2 years

- Rustam BABAIEV / Ukraine/ 2 years

- Taymuraz TSAKHILOV / Russia/ 2 years

- Timur MAMEDOV/ Russia/ 2 years

- Vladislav ZHYHYLII/ Ukraine/ 2 years

- Zaza TABAGARI/ Georgia/ 2 years

Here are the results of drug testing from the 2013 World Championships in Poland.

The following contestants were suspended for 2 years, disqualified and had to return their medals:

- Alexandr GUSOV

- Aliaksandr YANKOVSKI

- Anatolii SHUSHARIN

- Walerij BARANOV

- Dmitry Trubin


- Pavel LUNEV

These people were suspended for 1 year, , disqualified and had to return their medals:


- Snezhana BABAIEVA

Scared of flying, have to take pills ?

Be warned that Azerbaijan has very restrictive laws concerning drug trafficking. Pay special attention to what medicine you take with you, even if it is prescribed by a doctor.

If you need to ingest psychotropic drugs during flight, you need a special form signed by the General Medical Inspection, based on a prescription – separate form is required for every medicine. Doctors may prescribe such medicine only for travels no longer than 30 days.

You’ll find all forms here: or you can contact the Azerbaijan Embassy.


Iza Małkowska


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