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The undefeated Alex Kukuło >>>

The undefeated Alex Kukuło # Armwrestling #

He has no equals in his country, co he’ll go abroad to look for challenges. ()

Alex Kukuło, student of first year of National Physical Education University is undefeated in armwrestling. He’s 18 years old and the best in his weight category in the whole of Belarus.

I started training sports by chance – recalls Alex. – In 9th class I weighed about a 100 kg, so I started thinking about my looks, my body shape in particular. A friend “dragged” me to a gym, where I’ve met Sergey Veremchuk, who later became my coach. The beginnings were rough, I was not very physically developed – I couldn’t do one pullup! I’ve worked out full speed ahead for a year and a half, I listened to my coach and when the time came, I haven’t left the podium once! After an unprecedented series of victories on the national level, I’ve decided to reach higher – become the champion of the world. No one can stop me now!

What’s the secret of such speedy progress? Even Alex himself is a little surprised at his own development.

It’s like gambling – says Alex. – with every training I wanted more. This urge made me stronger, made me progress faster. I may have a natural talent, and I’m lucky to have spotted it early. Other guys in my category have to work much harder than me.

It’s worth remembering that Alex does only the basics for most of the year.

That doesn’t influence his career on the national arena, though. Some even think that Alex might be using some controlled substances.

I’ve heard a lot of gossip about myself, that I’m “juicing”, that it might be time to send me to get tested for drugs – says Alex. But I can assure you that I haven’t even laid eyes on any illegal substances, not once. I even limit my supplementation to just creatine and amino acids.

Alex is a proponent of “clean” sport. He is very much for drug testing on all levels, even national.

Those who were caught, were disqualified for two years. That’s enough time for a person to realize what they can and cannot use – says Alex. If you’re caught for a second time, it might just mean that you’ll never learn and should just quit the sport.

Alex is relatively new to armwrestling, but he’s already achieved a lot. And there’s much more waiting for him. But all in good time.

Winning the Belarussian championships means a lot to me – says Alex. It means all the more for the fact, that there was actually no one in the whole Belarus who could face me on equal terms. Now I’m preparing for the World Championships.

In autumn we will find out if Alex remains undefeated. I know he’s got a huge chance, but it will not be easy, this is a contest for the best of the best.


Artur Grigorian

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