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She loves to push the borders of human capabilities >>>

She loves to push the borders of human capabilities # Armwrestling #

She won the armwrestling title of the Strongest Polish Woman six times in a row. In a year, she wants to return to the strength fitness scene and achieve the impossible: become the champion of both sports at once. ()

Marlena has all colors of medals in her collection, and she’s won the title of the Strongest Polish Woman six times in a row. What characteristics should a female armwrestler have?

Passion is the most important thing in this sport – heart, dedication, faith and sacrifice have to follow – says Marlena. – Fighting in competitions is a way to better yourself, gaining experience. International contests are very important, they are the test for events like the European Championships, World Championships and The World Cup. Let me add that strength is not the most important thing in this sport – there’s also technique, experience, speed and mental strength. Complete with well designed training, passion, ambition and dedication, they are the recipe for success.

In difficult situations, we often feel stage fright, fear, stress. Marlena always felt the pressure to win. During EC’s or WC’s she always feel her heartbeat quicken, but she has her secret ways of relieving stress and motivating herself.

In Marlena’s opinion, strength is also leaving the past behind, and looking for the sources of failure, overcoming adversity and reaching for the laurel wreath. That’s why she’s now preparing herself for the world championships in Lithuania.

I have a month left now – says Marlena. – But I’m very happy with 2012 and 2013. Those were great years for me, because I’ve won gold at the World Cup and the EC’s, and this year I’ve defended my title. Sometimes I think I need a road paved with broken glass, to get motivated to win.

In Marlena’s opinion, armwrestling is a fanatic sport, and she’s positively addicted to it and connected to it in a “hermetic-passionate suit”. As long as she can remember, she’s been fascinated with combat sports, but it’s armwrestling that has the “magic power of virtuosity”.

She’s been in sports for 12 years now, she worked many years as a PT teacher.

Physical activity leads to a healthy lifestyle, which leads to better physical condition, and better condition leads to more faith in one’s potential.

That gives us control and discipline, which make us better learners, achievers, planners and “doers” – says Marlena. – At present, in our country, there are no financial awards for successes in this sport, but for me the best awards are health, great shape and the taste of victory.

For 5 years now Marlena has been running the Arm Fanatic Sport club, and for over 13 she’s had her company – “Aspiration” – Personal Trainer, but she’s begun her training adventure when she was 18. Even back then she was helping others with athletic training.

She’s trained such people as Marta Opalińska, Polish champion and vice-champion of Europe and world (juniors), Sławomir Malas – Polish champion, silver and bronze World Cup medalist, or Milena Morczyńska – Polish seniors champion. Her club is represented by Maciej Gralak – disabled world champion, and many times Polish champion, and Stanisław Gralak, and achieved fighter.

Marlena trains not only armwrestlers, but also fitness and marathon competitors, and her personal training program is based not only on shaping the body, but also on preparing others for competitions or physical exams.

Let me just name this year’s Bikini Fitness champion, Joanna Słomińska, and Alicja Lisowska, a very achieved sportswoman – Nordic walking, marathons – says Marlena. – And in 2015, two other Bikini fitness contestants will take the stage. I also want to return to the stage in fitness, and achieve the impossible – win the WC in armwrestling and in fitness in one year. I love pushing the boundaries.

Her plans for the near future are to take part in the WC’s in Lithuania this year, then the prestigious Professionals’ World Cup in Warsaw, and the Polish Cup, where she will be defending her title for the seventh time in a row. But tournaments are not only medals and experience, it’s also fighting for sponsors.

There are good people in this sport, who support armwrestlers financially – says Marlena. – thanks to them we can fight in the EC’s or other tournaments. I wish to give many thanks to my family, friends, and the main sponsor – Mariusz Opaliński from the “Instalmet” company, and the City Parking Group, for allowing me to realize my armwrestling dreams.


Iza Małkowska

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