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1st Disabled Armwrestling Championships of the World >>>

1st Disabled Armwrestling Championships of the World # Armwrestling #

The 1st Disabled Armwrestling Championships of the World are coming, preparation are in full swing. Registration is open as of now. ()

Although the competition starts in a month, you can register now. You will find the form at :

To receive the login and password, contact us at :


More details in our calendar:


At this moment we are expecting 10 – 200 fighters. Why such wide margin?This is the first ever contest for disabled only. Until this time, at the regular WC’s or EC’s, some 100 people participated. Separate world contest and additional categories allow us to suppose that even 200 people may come to Puck – says Paweł Podlewski, one of the organizers.


Already prepared are the venue arrangement, multimedia, graphic projects are under way, meetings are conducted with subcontractors responsible for lights, TV broadcast, security, etc.

The preparations are in full swing, and a team of experienced Mazurenko Armwrestling Promotions people are overseeing the process.


The tournament will run from 7th – 12th October, in the seaside city of Puck.


Let us recap – disabled tournaments can be fought in a seated position, in three categories: for the hearing-speech impeded, sight impeded and mobility-impeded.


The championships in Puck will be run in accordance with our own program, used for many years at the World and European Championships, says Podlewski. – The program calculates and suggests the adequate number of tables, and simulates the time of a fight. With 200 fighters, we need maximum 4 tables. The final number of tables will be decided after the registration’s been closed. The tables will be the main focal point of the games, and the fighters will fight at a special arena. We’re planning to show the games on telebeams and TV sets all around the venue, and run a free broadcast on the Internet.




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