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Armwrestling Academy began its work >>>

Armwrestling Academy began its work # Armwrestling #

Arm wrestling, as a discipline of sport hits a new level. In the city of Las Vegas began its work first in the sports history Academy of Armwrestling under the leadership of PAL USA President Igor Mazurenko. ()

Now, athletes, coaches and referees can gain specific knowledge necessary for a more effective and safe training, competitions according to international standards.

In the city of Las Vegas, NV Armwrestling Academy founded by the President of the Professional Armwrestling League USA Igor Mazurenko started its work. The main activities of Armwrestling Academy are:

Study the physiological and biomechanical aspects of armwrestling;

Testing of athletes and the creation of training programs based on exact data of innovative equipment for the measurement of strength, speed and endurance of certain muscle groups in an environment as close to real combat such as Mazurenko ARM (Angle Rush Meter).

Armwrestling coaches training and certification;

Athletes training and certification;

Referees training and certification;

Propaganda of armwrestling as a sport discipline among young people.

Igor Mazurenko said that the main goal of the Academy is a recognition of armwrestling as a sports discipline worldwide and raising interest in this sports discipline.

- Through our programs, in a few years, armwrestling can enter every home, every family through the TV screen, through schoolwork and even through special university programs - said Igor Mazurenko - "Over the years of development, we have developed high armwrestling standards as pure discipline of sport and now it's time to bring them to the widest possible audience. We invite enthusiasts, schools, universities, community organizations, all who are interested in armwrestling and needs support. 

Training takes place in both live seminars and online.

To get more information regarding  Academy of Armwrestling work, you can access PAL by e-mail:


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