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EUGENE PRUDNIK: Father - is my biggest fan >>>

EUGENE PRUDNIK: Father - is my biggest fan # Armwrestling #

"For a long time I was ranked second after Rustam Babayev". ()

Despite his intense work schedule, Eugene is talking to me on the phone from the bus, which brings the national team of Ukraine to the European Championship in Bulgaria.

- Eugene, how is your mood before Europeans?

- The mood as always good, health also!

 - I often think of your performance 5-6 years ago at the Ukrainian Nationals, when you're waged an intense fight for the prize. When did you realize that you can go to the European and global level?

- For a long time I was ranked second after Rustam Babayev. And only then, when Rustam released from selection for Europe and the World Championships, I went to the first place of the Ukrainian League.

- That is, the main "irritant" in armwrestling for you was Rustam Babayev?

- Well, let's say, not an "irritant" but the athlete whom wanted to take over, who held a very high position in the world of armwrestling.

- You have to travel a lot, which city and country do you remember most?

- Turkey is very memorable - the perfect combination of competition and recreation, lasting impression. In my memory there are tangerines growing on trees and you can just take and eat it! Impressive!

- Soon we will see you in the USA, in armfight against Tim Bresnan. What fights with the Americans are the most memorable for you?

- I fought Dave Chaffee, Tim Bresnan, other athletes of USA Team - all athletes are very worthy and memorable. I want to go to Las Vegas and see the American armwrestling with my  own eyes!

- Tell me, what is the role of your family in the sport? Do they support and help you?

- I can say that the family supports me very actively from the very beginning of my career. They enjoy my victories, and always worry about me.

- Who in the family is the most active fan?

- Father. He watches my every performance, track results on the Internet, watches live broadcasts and he is the first to congratulate me with victories.

- I wish you good luck at the European Championship and deserved medals on the podium!

- Thank you, I will do my best!

Ilya Izman


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