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Janek Żółciński vs Harold Owens... >>>

Janek Żółciński vs Harold Owens... # Armwrestling #

...July Vendetta in Vegas, superheavyweight, Poland vs USA. ()

He is five times Polish champion, in categories +110 and 110 kg. He hasn't lost one fight! He's a bronze medalist of WC's in Gdynia and this year's Arnold Classic. A winner of many international and national tournaments – meet Janek Żółciński, who will face Harold Owens in July in Vendetta in Vegas.

I'm definitely a southpaw fighter and everyone I've trained and fought with knows that those are two different arms – says Żółciński, Polish armwrestler. - I feel my left arm much better, it's way stronger in a fight, which is odd, because I'm actually right – handed in everyday life.

Janek fought various opponents, some proved especially tought to beat.

The last opponent I really remembered was Levan Sagashvili, world champ in +110 kg, and last year Mirtaleh Aslanov and lastly Harold Owens.

It is Harold „the Viper” Owens that Janek will face in July in Vendetta in Vegas. They will fight in superheavyweight, 95 + kg. They have already met this year, during the Arnold Classic. Zółciński has won one fight, lost another, and made a decision that the score can be settled only by an armfight.

After AC I drew my conclusions, I watched my videos and decided to strengthen my stamina and my strong points – says Janek. - Preparations are under way already. I've changed some things by 180 degrees and train for armwrestling only now.

What is Janek expecting from Vendetta?

I'm a sportsman first, and I expect a sports rivalry – says Janek. - I want to win, I want a fair fight in accordance to WAF rules, which were treated not very seriously at the AC's. I'm in it to win it and to prove myself.

More on Janek and his preparations for Vendetta coming soon.


The armfight #43 will take place Sunday, 12th of July, 15 – 18 in the Vinyl Club of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.


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