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Armfight #44: Allen Ford >>>

Armfight #44: Allen Ford # Armwrestling #

In the upcoming Vendetta in Vegas he will be fighting Herman Stevens II in up to 95 kg – 191 - 210 lbs (Heavy weight) in right arm. ()

He got interested in armwrestling, when he was 12 years old. Back then he lived in a small town, Powasan, in Ontario, Canada. Each year there was a winter fair there, where armwrestling contests wer held.

I fought each year and always wound up in the first three – recalls Ford, who will fight in the armfight #44 on 24th October. - A few years later my family moved to another close-by town, Trout Creek. There I made friends with a neighbor, who's uncle was an armwrestler. This was Neville Beachey. It was at Neville's house that I learned the basics of armwrestling and started competing all over north Ontario.

Allen often placed in the first three. He also armwrestled regularily in high school, at every lunchbreak.

There were many strong guys in my school ,including Greg Boyes – says Allen. - I wanted to be just as good as him. I started in many tournaments and regularily won trophies, growing stronger every year.

Today Allen Ford has a “ton” of trophies, 1st and 2nd places mostly, in weight classes from 175 to 220 lbs.

In over 20 years of armwrestling I won too many trophies to recall them all – says Ford. - The most important would be UAL 6, 2nd place after battling Todd Hutchings, UAL 7, first time undefeated, UAL 8 – second after Hutchings, Armmelter Professional Armwrestling League – over 10 superfights won and the leader in wins in the League history.

I also have national titles in right arm from 2009, 2010, 2011 (all in 85 kg), and from 2013 (in 100kg), 7 Ontario titles in years 1997 through to 2013. My last superfight was with Rob Vigant Jr, at UAL 9. A great fight, 4-3 for Rob. I had a great fight at Arm Wars with Ryan Clark, but I lost, with Neil Pickup too.

Like many others, he'd like another chance to fight Todd Hutchings and Prudnyk.

Why not aim for the top? - he says.

He does aim high this time. He will face Herman Stevens II in up to 95 kg – 191 - 210 lbs (Heavy weight) in right arm.

My hardest fight? - wonders Allen. - I'd have to toss a coin. Todd Hutchings at UAL 6 or my superfight with Rob Vigant at UAL 9. Both very hard and draining.

Allen trains three times a week in preparation for Vendetta.

I believe the best way to be a better armwrestler is to actuallu armwrestle - he says. i also lift weights two times a week, for general shape. As for my expectations for Vegas - I'm never overly self-confident. I think I have a slight advantage, I beat Herman in our last fight. I won one fight by fouls, and one by a clean pin-down. Beating Stevens at UAL 10 gives me a bit of assurance, but also scares me a little. I know he trained even harder because of that fail. I dare not underestimate him. I kind of regret giving him some pointers after the last fight, now I'm wondering what he'll do with them. 

Armfight #44 will take place on 24th October in Las Vegas, on one of the scenes at Fremont Street. There will also be a TV broadcast in CBS Sport Network, we will keep you posted on that.


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