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Preparations for Vendetta in Vegas >>>

Preparations for Vendetta in Vegas # Armwrestling #

How does Sergey Tokarev prepare for the fight with Richard Lupkes. ()

NG: There have been changes in the fight card, you were supposed to fight Michael Todd, but you’ll fight Richard Lupkes. What do you think of this change?

ST: Richard Lupkes is a top-class fighter. I think this is a change for the better.

NG: Did you analyze Lupkes’ fights?

ST: I started to alter my preparations, I analyze and think a lot.

NG: How are your preparations going? Are you gaining weight before the fight?

ST: My preparations are going full steam ahead, I weigh 113 kg and plan to increase strength, but I’m not controlling weight.

NG: Who’s your sparring partner nowadays?

ST: It doesn’t matter.

I have my adepts, we spar in rotation, their names won’t tell you anything yet.

NG: Tim Bresnan will fight Krasimir Kostadinov. Who do you think will win in this fight?

ST: it all depends on their shape during the fight. If Krasimir can withstand over the top attacks, he will have a chance to win by hooking Tim. Tim has great over the top – he breaks fingers. Krasimir has fast hook. A lot will depend on the ref, on the set-up. I think the odds are 4-2, but for whom – time will tell.

Armfight #44 will take place on 24th October in Las Vegas, on one of the scenes at Fremont Street. There will also be a TV broadcast in CBS Sport Network.

Nastiona Gonczarenko

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