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Armfight #44: Herman Stevens II >>>

Armfight #44: Herman Stevens II # Armwrestling #

Stevens will face Canadian Allen Ford. They will fight in up to 95 kg 191 - 210 lbs (Heavy weight) in right arm. ()

He started armwrestling in 2010 in college in Luisiana.

I was bored and needed a hobby – says Herman Stevens II. - I started to train with guys like Joey Fitts or Ryan Thames, and then I met Ray Hennerichs and Craig Tulier. Although I trained less than 2 years with Ray, and less than a year with Craig, the knowledge and strength I gained set a path for my career. Since then I've beaten national champions and usually took good places in the biggest events.

His biggest achievement is 3 place out of 55 fighters in WAL Vegas 2014. His only two losses were to Todd Hutchings, he also beat his mentor, Craig Tullier. - I'd have never thought that possible – he says.

He fights with both arms, though he's had some trouble with the left.

I haven't had many hard fights, I usually win or lose quick, my most even fight was with Allen Ford at UAL 10 – recalls Stevens.

- the fight kept stopping dead center of the table. My favourite fights were with Todd Hutchings. I never had this much fun losing.

He makes no special preparations for the upcoming Vendetta.

I've made no changes to my training -says Stevens. - I usually keep doing the same thing over and over and get stronger. However, for Allen, I have added way more focus on my hand and wrist, which have grown weaker during the recent years, when I was working on other things.

On 24th October – tomorrow, Herman Stevens II will face the Canadian Allen Ford. They will fight in up to 95 kg 191 - 210 lbs (Heavy weight) in right arm.

I hope to win Vendetta in six even fights, have a lot of fun and avenge my loss to Allen in UAL 10 – says Herman.


Armfight #44 will take place on 24th October in Las Vegas, on one of the scenes at Fremont Street. There will also be a TV broadcast in CBS Sport Network.


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