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Change of date for armfight #45 >>>

Change of date for armfight #45 # Armwrestling #

Vendetta in Vegas to take place in February, not January. ()

Vendetta in Vegas will take place on 27th February 2016, not 16th January, as previously announced.

The change is due to the fact that PAL is entering into the PPV television – says Igor Mazurenko, organizer of Vendetta in Vegas. - On the plus side, the event will be shown on a couple of channels allowing for pay per view. Unfortunatelt, it's a race against time, so we have to move the date. TV requirements are that promotion time is minimum 2 months.

Additionallly, this may be a disappointment for fans of Voevoda, awaiting his return.

The reality is that we need two months to go to PPV – repeats Mazurenko. - We cannot do anything. Alexey at the moment is preparing for two events – the TV show "Без Страховки" („No safety”) in Russia and armfight 45. We guarantee that he will fight at the table.




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