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A way to Vendetta #46. Oleg Zhokh >>>

A way to Vendetta #46. Oleg Zhokh # Armwrestling #

There will be very interesting fight at Vendetta #46. Ukrainian athlete Oleg Zhokh will face an experienced armwrestler of the US Christian Binnie. ()

Christian is much larger, more massive than his opponent, he will use all his experience. However, Oleg is a unique athlete, there’s nothing unusual for him to fight with competitors from the heavier weight classes.

One of Oleg’s advantages o is his thirst to fight and win. He has come a long way to go to be in the PAL:

"I wanted for a long time and a long road to go, and that's – I'm in a Professional Armwrestling League! I believe that today the PAL is one of the coolest organizations with top athletes. This will be my first professional armfight and I have very strong opponent. I think I deserve to participate in Vendetta, I am 8 times champion of Ukraine, 5 times European and world champion, five times champion of Professionals World Cup and many times was in the top of the absolute weight category among professionals".

It will be kind of debut for Oleg, he is totally immersed in the preparation process, he even skipped Europeans:

"I'm preparing for the maximum. I try to make progress in all possible directions, dial muscle mass, work to improve strength and to pay attention to endurance development because I have to fight 6 rounds.

Endurance is very important in the fight. Of course, it is good when both strength and endurance is well-developed, but I think that in this fight stamina will play a critical role, otherwise you can have 1-2 rounds of a protracted struggle".

Despite the impressive performance while testing with Mazurenko ARM, Oleg does not apply lightly to Christian Binnie:

"Each contestant must be taken seriously. I do not underestimate opponents, because this is sport and anything can happen. But I think that not your opponent has a greater effect on the result, but I and how my training takes place, and how do I feel about it".

Oleg did not tell specific forecasts of armfights, but expressed his opinion about two pairs of main event matches:

"I think that in a couple of Denis Tsyplenkov – Michael Todd everything will depend on Denis preparation. Andrey Pushkar – Dmitry Trubin will be very interesting and unpredictable. Andrey wants to confirm his victory and his superiority, but Dmitry is clearly eager to win and breaks to the top".

Fans are waiting for the moment of armwrestling "David and Goliath" confrontation. Quite a bit of time left before we'll know the winner's name.

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