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A way to Vendetta #46. Christian Binnie >>>

A way to Vendetta #46. Christian Binnie # Armwrestling #

One of participants of upcoming Vendetta will American armwrestler Christian Binnie. Christian will fight with Ukrainian Oleg Zhokh. ()

For Oleg it will be difficult challenge. Christian has great experience, he is heavier and much older than his opponent. The fight will take place on the left hand.

At the last Vendetta Christian he fought with Armen Chapukhyan and gave him a very hard fight with 2-4score. But we shouldn’t forget that at Złoty Tour 2015 in 95+ categories on the left hand Armen beat all his rivals, losing only to Andrey Pushkar. Recalling the match with Armen, we can conclude that the power of Christian was not worse than Armen’s in the first round and the fight was absolutely equal and ended with fouls. But he did not have stamina and at the second half of armfight he started to lose his strength. However, we believe that for the Christian it was a rewarding experience and he had enough time to fix it.

If we consider that Christian worked on endurance and add the power of his left hand, we can say that it will be a great challenge for both athletes.

In addition, the contest will be held in the United States and no matter what kind of sport but the unspoken rules of native walls no one has repealed. We have already convinced that the Americans are fighting very well at home.

"Christian Binnie is very interesting player. He fights only on his left hand, because right had not healed properly after injury. Christian fights in a hook, so it will not be easy for Oleg. Due to the age Binnie has a heart problem, so in past competitions after losing he needed doctor’s help, because he felt bad. At this time we hope that there will be no excesses, especially Christian assured that he is in a good shape. The victory is very important for him, since he wants to fight next. But I stress, PAL never leaves fighters, even those who lost. We will still continue to pick opponents for all competitors. Therefore, Christian is in our team", – said Igor Mazurenko.

We expects fascinating match, the result of which it’s very difficult to predict. We look forward to good fight and wish Christian good luck.

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