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Christian Binnie and Reza Dilmaghanian: results of the year >>>

Christian Binnie and Reza Dilmaghanian: results of the year # Armwrestling #

Christian Binnie and Reza Dilmaghanian both took part in PAL events. Was it a real success for them? ()

Two famous American pullers, who took part at Vendetta in Vegas, – Christian Binnie and Reza Dilmaghanian – about their 2016 year in armwresting.

Christian Binnie: “2016 was not a good year for me... I did not do well at either Vendetta. The first one I was still feeling the effects of medical issues I was having, and although I felt much better at the second Vendetta, I didn't do well either. I hoped to have had better matches with Oleg, but did not.

My biggest achievement was getting healthy. Towards the end of the year, I won a challenge match with Karl Stanley, a very strong and up and coming Puller from Florida, and 2 tournaments all in the state of Florida. I am hoping this carries on into 2017.

The real win of 2016 was watching some great match up and Alexey Voevoda and Denis Tsyplenkov back at Vendetta.

I wish everyone a great and safe 2017 year. STAY STRONG!”

Reza Dilmaghanian: “My 2016 was awesome. I had the opportunity to compete at the Zloty Tur. I also was able to grow my armwrestling team in Las Vegas.

My biggest achievement in 2016 was being able to come to Poland to test my abilities. I felt I could have done allot better I just had tough brackets.

The Kazakhstan team is on another level. So I’ll have to focus more. If I could fix or change anything, it would have been the easier I pulled in the Zloty Tur. I should have been more alert. I cut 22 lbs before the event and dripped to the lowest I’ve been as an adult... felt very dehydrated and weak before the event. I believe this effected my abilities at the championships...

The real wins from last year were being able to meet new people. Training with an amazing team and having the opportunity to test my training. The biggest fail of last year was compromising with the grip ups, not staying in my weight class in order to get a hand advantage that didn't really work out for me. As well as being nervous at an event for the first time in a long time.

As for the New Year I hope all my friends and arm wrestling associates have a great time. I hope everyone take the time to remember that were all human and be gracious of our interactions with new people. To love our self for another year. This world is crazy but armwrestling keeps many people sain. As for my fans I’m training. This next year if going to be a whole new year and there are nothing but chances. To prove my self... happy New Years everyone... love life and find peace!


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