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Armwrestling at LA Fitness Expo >>>

Armwrestling at LA Fitness Expo # Armwrestling #

Recently at LA Fitness Expo there was an armwrestling championship. Vazgen Soghoyan became a right hand champion there! ()

Vazgen, recently you pulled at LA Fitness Expo. Tell about it, please.

There was famous LA Fitness Expo on January 7-8 in Los Angeles, California. Lots of brands and companies from sports industry were represented there, also there were competitions in many sports. The event was held in world famous Los Angeles Convention Center. National Armwrestling Promotions (NAP) organizes California State Championships every year at this Expo. This year also, Bill Collins, the NAP President, and his Team did their best to hold a world class promotion. They prepared beautiful medals, awards, money prizes for the winners, armwrestling symbol rings for the overall champions with their names engraved. There was a 3 round supermatch between Jeff Dabe and Jeremy Petrunchio, Jeff who has world's biggest arms won that fight.

How was your preparation?

I started my trainings right after the World championship, and gained some serious strength since that. Christmas and New Year holidays didn't interrupt my training schedule, as I am not a party guy, I know that I have a tournament coming up, I prepare for that.

Same time I train at Scot Mendelson's gym, which is walking distance from my home and it's like my own gym, I can open the doors any time and do my training. And right now we upgraded our gym and it's the best gym for armwrestling in Los Angeles and probably in America too. I promise to publish photos soon.

Who did you meet at the table? Do you think this championship was successful for you?

I pulled in 165 lbs (75 kg) weight class, though I weighed 161 lbs. My main opponent was famous Allen Fisher, who has a huge experience in armwrestling and has been doing this 30+ years. He was my hardest matches, I took 1st place right handed. It's fair to notice that I could never beat Allen in competitions before, though in training pulling I always felt fine against him. He has a huge hand which is hard to grip and amazingly strong wrist/top roll. Left handed I took 2nd place and I'm pretty fine with that result. There's a lot of perspective in my left arm that I'll try to develop. Also I became and absolute champion right handed where I beat Chris Chandler. That was really amazing result and I won an armwrestling ring with my name on it. The video of that fight brought big resonance on Facebook, got 50+ shares and lots Likes. Thanks to fans and supporters for their passion and love.

Thank you Vazgen!

By the way, you can watch the video here.

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