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Training for the beginners #2 >>>

Training for the beginners #2 # Armwrestling #

Sets of Exercises and Tips for the Beginners. ()




In this section you will find all exercises that must be present in an arsenal or every beginner. Each exercise will get a number that will ensure fast and correct planning of exercises and give a possibility to plan training for each arm-wrestler. These exercises can be performed on the simplest equipment available in any sportive club. From the list of these exercises everyone will be able to choose during the initial year such number of exercises and method of their performance in order to increase arm power potential and move from the category of beginners to the medium training level within the maximally short term. Arm-wrestlers use different methods of muscle strength development: dynamic (overcoming), isometric (holding) and plyometric (relinquent). Besides, once every two weeks it is reasonable to perform maximum weight lifts, i.e. to come to the limit. A beginner who does not make muscles work with maximal load in competitive mode in the process of training will not be able to do this during the competition in stressful conditions.













1.Dynamic (overcoming) or concentric method. Performing of arm/arms movement or body part from full amplitude with the use of weight or without it (pull-up on horizontal bar). This method is the basic one for relative power building and is also necessary for preparation of muscles to heavier loads. As a rule, power potential of concentric method enables developing strength for no more than 55-70% from total capacity of your organism.

2. Isometric (holding) or static method. It gives possibility to develop power in the certain WA (working angles). Movement is practically not observed in this method. Until recently it was considered the main method of arm-wrestler’s power development and it was used in all arm-wrestling schools.

Main disadvantages of this method:  fast organism fatigue leading toorganism overtraining, gaining power potential in the certain angles, increased risk of injury. Isometric method enables developing strength for no more than 70-90% from total capacity of your organism.

3. Plyometric (relinquent) or eccentric method. Gives possibility to develop maximal arm wrestler’s strength and is also the most innovative method in our sportive discipline. In distinction from concentric method, movement of arm/arms or body parts is performed backwards. Muscle shrinking is called eccentric if it occurs under the influence of exterior load with length increase. Popular belief ‘no pain, no gain’ is perhaps the most true concerning PE (plyometric exercises). Work is called relinquent if in its course muscle strength yields to gravity action of a body (limb) and the weight held by it. A muscle works but it does not shrink at this but, vice versa, lengthens, for example, when it is impossible to lift or to hold by weight a heavy object. When the muscle has made a big effort you will have to let this object down on the floor or onto another surface. Main disadvantage of this method is muscle fiber damage leading to painful feelings ending after 2-3 day interval. As a rule, this method is not for suitable beginners but you will use it in the future. Plyometric method enables developing strength in separate links of your arm and body parts for no more than 90-100% from total capacity of your organism.



- Before doing any exercise you must warm-up the certain muscle group thoroughly;
- Number of reps in the first set of each exercise shall be no less than 20-25;
- Selection of weights shall be done strictly individually;
- Make sure that set is performed with the right technique and with maximum weight;
- Do not start program if you did not recover after the previous training;
- Shall you feel any pain in muscle part being trained during the training you have to stop doing this exercise immediately.


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