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Jambul Vibliani: "It’s impossible to forbid giving up" >>>

Jambul Vibliani: "It’s impossible to forbid giving up" # Armwrestling #

Recently one of the armwrestling experts, Dmitry Beskorovainyi, shared his opinion about refereeing and "giveaways". Now the opinion expressed by another expert, the current European and world champion from Georgia – Jambul Vibliani. ()

 "Refereeing at the recent major events such as European Championship and World Championship, in my opinion, was normal. I speak from the referee in my fights and I can say that I do not remember that the referee made big mistakes. I watched the fights that took place in other weight classes and there I also did not notice serious errors in refereeing. Of course, it happened that the judges were wrong and now enough, it was mostly about microfouls. I would also like to note such a situation, when the main referee stops the fight, and then he looks to side ref to make a decision. That is, the head referee stop the fight, but he does not know what decision to take.

A few words to say about the referees who previously pulled. It seems to me that such referee copes a little better with his tasks. This is because these people know more small parts of pulling. But still, we need to devote more time to this issue, to spend more seminars. Just as athletes train constantly to become better, so judges need to work on improving their skills.

As for the last major tournament in 2016 – Professinal World Cup, I can say that I do not like refereeing there, especially the use of cameras.

There were situations when an athlete wins, the head referee gives a victory, and after it in a headphone he hears that it was a foul. On the other hand, maybe it's good, because using such technology, the referee will not miss a single foul. But despite this, once again I say that I did not like the refereeing at this World Cup. It would be very good to pay enough attention to refereeing at the tournament of this level".

 "As for the situations when athletes lay hand without a fight, then today the rules don’t forbid to do it. This solution takes the athlete. It is an element of tactics, which allows the athlete to save more energy.

Even if explicit intentional loss would be prohibited with the rules, the athlete still could play the fight and to give a hand. Therefore, with such tactics will make audience more interested. Essence does not change, but this option can be more interesting for the viewer. It’s impossible to forbid giving up".

On these questions, probably, there is no one correct answer. However, fortunately, in our sport, there are many experts such as Jambul, Dmitry, Engin Terzi, who always help us and express their points of view on most subjects. We should be more attentive to these people.

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