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Igor Mazurenko: "We pull up the European Championship to the Olympic level" >>>

Igor Mazurenko: "We pull up the European Championship to the Olympic level" # Armwrestling #

This year the European Championship will be held in Katowice, Poland. ()

This championship will be the fourth tournament of the European level in the history of the Polish armwrestling. The first championship was held in 2001. It was a time of the collapse of the federation, but then 11 teams and about 130 participants came to Gdynia to pull. Russian and Czech team were the biggest and Polish, for example, consisted of 11 people. Then the Poles did not count on any medals, however, a few second places they had.

The second time - in 2004 in Gdynia - was broken the record for the number of participants in the European Championship, 480 participants from 27 countries came  to the tournament. Also, this championship is remembered that the competitions were held for three days for the last time. One of the main arguments against such a short period of the event was the fact that the pulling among juniors, masters and people with disabilities in both arms held in one day and ended at 3 am. After this championship we started to split such competitions into four days.

The problem has also been in the program for protocols –- it was far from perfect.

The third time Poland met the European Championship in 2012 in Gdansk.

Also some kind of record fell - 680 participants from more than 30 countries. After that everyone expected, what will beat  the world championship in 2013.

This year's main starts in Europe will take the city of Katowice. We count on more than 900 participants from 33 countries.

Mazurenko Armwrestling Promotion is preparing for the first time a special system and effects to the stage of the championship. In general, Poland has once again become a field for experimentation for world armwrestling.

After December 15, 2016, when Commission of the European Armwrestling Federation visited Katowice, the Polish Armwrestling Federation has decided to tighten the competition system under the standards and requirements of the Paralympic Committee. Will other countries to repeat the same - we do not know. But it should be said that the achievements of the world championship in 2013 nobody could repeat. Then on the event organization employs 100 people, so everyone who wants to hold a similar event, you should count on approximately the same number of staff.

Europe-2017 championship came to Poland after the Slovakian armwrestling federation refused to accept it at because of the complexity of the rider. In the future, the Federation Armwrestling Poland well held World Championship-2019.

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