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Supermatch XII: Ermes Gasparini >>>

Supermatch XII: Ermes Gasparini # Armwrestling #

25th of March in Italy we will see great Vendetta between Michael Todd and Ermes Gasparini. What can Italian armwrestler oppose to American superheavyweighter? ()

Ermes Gasparini surprised with his excellent shape at last year’s Zloty Tur. He definitely had time and opportunity to gain some strength and make his technique better to the upcoming Supermatch and his Vendetta with Michael Todd. Is he ready?

You ended your last season with Zloty Tur. Are you going to keep a new season as good (or even better) than previous?

–  Let's say that I have always had improvements year on year since my youth and my continuous training. So I think that definitely will go better.

Did you participate at any competition after ZT or you just trained for the next season?

– No, I didn't. Just my training.

When you knew that you could fight with Michael Todd, did you agree with no doubts?

– Todd is a very good person, I knew he was coming to take a vacation in Italy and compete at the Supermatch-2017 and my president asked me to pull at this challenge. I'm severely disadvantaged by the weight because he weighs 20kg more. Todd is among the top-3 strongest in the world and it would be great to beat him. Even if I lose I do not mind losing to a great champion like Todd. I hope it will be a great challenge and show for all the fans.

Do you prepare yourself especially for Michael Todd?

– I am preparing by following some very specific techniques of Todd, each athlete must prepare a different technique.

Do you know how to work with Michael’s weak points?

– We all have weaknesses Todd also has them. I hope to do it by following his weaknesses.

We wish a good luck to Ermes because to become a winner he’ll have to cope with difficult and strong rival.

So stay tuned to to watch  beautiful fights of the Supermatch!


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