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Zurab Tavberidze: "Old injuries bothered me" >>>

Zurab Tavberidze: "Old injuries bothered me" # Armwrestling #

At the last European Championships Zurab Tavberidze again stopped a step away from treasured gold. This weight class does not obey him in any way, but after a few months he will have one more opportunity. ()

If you look at the protocols, Zurab pulled deservingly, he got two prizes, but this is the athlete who has already been on the verge of treasured gold more than once, being one of the main contenders for the victory. Therefore, he does not consider this championship successful:

"I was not in good shape, so basically I can say that I am pleased with my result. When you have two prizes, this is definitely good, but for me this championship was not successful. I trained steadily and tried to prepare as best as possible, but old injuries bother me".

In the category of up to 80 kg, where Zurab stands, new strong athletes constantly appear. This time, at all, the winners of both categories were the newcomers of this category:

"There are a lot of strong athletes in our category especially at this championship. Honestly, no one surprised me, on my left hand I had a difficult path to the final, in which I no longer had the strength to win. I injured my right hand in preliminary fights and this injury was felt in the semifinals".

This championship was remembered by many beautiful and dramatic duels, but each athlete noticed something for him:

"At this European Championship, the best I would call the final match for men in the category of up to 75 kg on the right hand between David Samushia and Khetag Dzitiev, it was a very beautiful duel. Another surprise for me was the defeat of Oguzhan Kocak".

In September, at the World Championship, Zurab will have another chance to get gold in the category up to 80 kg, and he will use this chance to the full:

"First of all, I want to deal with my injuries, so first I'll take care of the treatment. After that, of course, I will prepare for the World Cup and once again I will perform up to 80 kg, I want to win this category and afterwards, in the next season, go to the category of up to 85 kg, it's already difficult for me to lose weight up to 80 kg".

Zurab, like many other participants, noted the good organization of the tournament, which once again confirms that the Polish Federation is one of the best in this matter:

"I liked the organization of the tournament, everything was good and convenient. The hotel was also good. I also liked the city that hosts the championship - Katowice".

We wish Zurab quickly recover from injuries and begin preparations for the World Cup. Stay tuned and watch the news on

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