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Denis Tsyplenkov vs Devon Larratt? >>>

Denis Tsyplenkov vs Devon Larratt? # Armwrestling #

Recently on the Internet we saw a video with Devon Larratt calling Denis Tsyplenkov for a fight... ()

Asked about his attitude to such a message, Denis replied:

"About 5 years ago, I talked with Devon Larratt about this, but he wanted to fight with bets, on our own money! I found it wrong and he supported.

I am very pleased that he had such an opinion of me! It's nice that he wants to fight me. I'm always for, but of course not for free!)

Larratt is cool, of course! Very nice person, always on the positive. Of course, very strong! I would like to see him and shake his hand, drink a mug of beer!) And, of course, armwrestle! "

We hope for a positive development of the situation and the struggle of the legendary sportsmen!

For those who didn't watch:



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