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Golden debut of Levan Montsonelidze's >>>

Golden debut of Levan Montsonelidze's # Armwrestling #

Not every athlete can boast of gold in his debut championship, but the exception to this rule is Levan Montsonelidze's perfomance at the European Championships held in May 2017. ()

Levan came to armwrestling from martial arts, and his future coach noted at the very beginning that this guy has good chances in armwrestling:

"I've been boxing for five years. I had workouts in a large sports complex, where the armwrestlers were training on the first floor. I usually met them when after training I went down to the gym and worked on improving general physical training. Among these guys trained Irakli Gamtenadze, he often suggested that I should try my hands at armwrestling. We fought with him, and he taught me what to do at the table, showed various techniques and nuances of struggle. Over time, I started to get better and Irakli always told me that if I train hard I can become a champion. Then in boxing I was injured and could not train for several years. When we met with Irakli in the city, he always invited me to train with them, and one day I came to gym. Then I started seriously armwrestling".

The victories did not take long, and already at his first international championship Levan rose to the highest step of the pedestal:

"My most important victory is of course the gold of the European Championship 2017. At this championship I fought only on the right hand, since the left was injured and I decided to let her rest and recover".

Like many athletes, Levan prefers iron to the table. However, gradually he began to pay more and more time to working with it:

"I train five times a week. I like to train with iron, useing the bar and rope. I spend less time at the table than with iron. Therefore, my coach and sparring partners always tell me that it takes more time to work at the table, to fight and work on technique. Now I try to devote as much time as possible to the table".

At the European Championships, Levan met experienced and strong athletes, he walked through the B-group to the finals where he got two wins with Nikolay Kolesnichenko:

"As for the European Championships, of all those I met at the table, for me the most difficult and memorable fight was with Nikolay Kolesnichenko from Russia. In a preliminary duel with him I could not fully show my strength. In the finals, I came out with one defeat, and I managed to defeat Nikolay twice".

At the European Championships, there were enough sensations and surprises, but Levan was surprised most of the athlete with whom they train together:

"Most of all in the championship I was surprised by our junior Betkeli Oniani, he is 20 years old, and he won the championship among athletes up to 21 years and among adults. Betkili and I train together and often fight, he is a very strong athlete".

Levan managed to take the gold of the European Championship, but the Worlds is even higher. Levan understands this and is seriously preparing for the upcoming tournament:

"At the World Championships, I will again pull in the category of up to 100 kg. This time there will be new rivals and new contenders for the victory. We train with the trainer diligently preparing for each of the possible rivals.

I also want to point out that on the day of the weigh-in at the European Championships my son was born. For me, this was a great joy and I was filled with emotions, and I thought only of my wife and my child. This year is very successful for me - I won the championship of Georgia, I had a son and I became the champion of Europe".

We wish to Levan that luck will accompany him further, and to show good fights at the World Championships. Stay with!

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