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Sergey Bogoslov: "I'm ready to pull with any opponent" >>>

Sergey Bogoslov: "I'm ready to pull with any opponent" # Armwrestling #

The "dark horse" of the category up to 90 kg senior class is the champion of Russia Sergey Bogoslov. What can he set against hir rivals? ()

Tell us, how is your preparation for the upcoming World Championship?

– Everything is fine, the preparation is in full swing. I changed the system of training, I try to work more on weak spots and pull more. The full training has already gone, there are a few hard training left, and I will rest from iron and work only with rubber.

Do you manage to get to the peak of the shape for the championship?

– For all the time of my sports career there was not a single preparation which would have been successful 100%, there are always some nuances that interfere with it, such as work, finances, family problems, motivation and other. But every time I try to come with more details to the training process and to the tournament, trying to avoid all the nuances as much as possible and show my best form. Serious injuries during preparation didn’t happen, but unfortunately, due to organizational moments in preparation for the Worlds, I could not concentrate completely on the training process. I'm not even close to my peak form, but I'm sure that even with this form I will show a decent result.

In what aspects was it possible to add after the championship of Russia?

– As always, I try to add in the wrist. But I also pay attention to all aspects of the training process and strive to become better in everything.

Do you have to lose weight for the category? How much do you weigh now?

– Yes, constantly it is necessary to lose from 5 to 10 kg of weight, depending on the form.

Now I weigh 103 kg and the other day I start weight reduction according to technique developed by myself.

Will it be the first international championship for you? Do you think that lack of experience can be a problem for you?

– No, this is not the first international championship for me, in 2014 I took part in the A1 tournament. In general, in this competitive season I planned to pull at the Russian, European and World championships, but due to the fact that all the expenses I pay myself, I had to miss the European Championship. I expect good competition, strong rivals who will be able to show a good fight. Do you think that after the struggle with Vitaliy Laletin I will not have enough experience? :)

You will fight in one of the most difficult categories - up to 90 kg, do you think, who will be the hardest to deal with?

– I think that the most difficult category up to 90 kg was at the Russian Championship, so I'm ready to fight with any opponent.

People discusses the potential armfight between you and Sasho Andreev, are you interested in such a format of fighting and such an opponent? With whom would you like to compete in armfight?

– Yes, I'm interested in the armfight system. Here everything will depend on the time for preparation and the conditions that the organizers will offer me. It would be interesting for me to fight Sasho, to test this guy. I would like to meet with the strongest hookers, which for me are Rustam Babaev and Krasimir Kostadinov.

We look forward to seeing Sergey show his level with the strongest athletes of the world. We wish him good luck in the upcoming championship and we will follow his successes.

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