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Worlds-2017: seniors' left hand pulling >>>

Worlds-2017: seniors' left hand pulling # Armwrestling #

The fifth day of the World Championship-2017and senior classes fights ended. ()

This day turned out to be glory, all categories were very interesting, and it was just not enough eyes to follow everything. The composition of categories in this championship was a real gift for any armwrestling fan.

But today there were unpleasant moments, such as injuries, and they pursued the athletes of the Georgian national team. Three top athletes of this team suffered serious injuries during the fight - Vileni Gabrava, Gennady Kvikviniya and Levani Pogosiani. We wish these athletes a speedy recovery.

On this day, there were sensations, one of the loudest ones was the victory of a young girl from Kazakhstan Oksana Pismennaya over the seemingly unbeatable Irina Makeeva, it was unexpected. Few athletes were able to remain as champions and protect their titles.

I would like to note the fights of juniors who participated in senior class. They showed all very well, and in some categories juniors became champions despite the fact that a few days ago they had two days of hard struggle.

There were many questions to the refereeing. The number of protests in senior class also confirms this. Perhaps the strangest thing that happened during the competition is the referee decision for the fight between Vitaliy Laletin and Giorgi Rostomashvili. When, after the obvious victory of Vitaliy, the referee showed a strap match, the whole audience howled. Later, Vitaliy explained that the referee had apologized for the mistake.

In the near future, we will prepare a more detailed review of the struggle of adults on the left arm and now propose you some sensational fights!


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